Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Post 3981 - Tuesday Night Trifles

Pushing midnight on Tuesday. Will turn in relatively soon.

I got up around 9 this morning and didn't have a nap or anything. Patricia had to pick up an item in Spryfield, in a neighbourhood that looked quite nice, and the properties were large and expansive. Around the corner are the newer houses which likely cost 3x as much and have virtually no property to speak of. 

Also returned some of Newbie's food that he will no longer be allowed to eat. Got back $57, most of which I spent at the Timberlea Beverage Room. We go there once a year to see if the place still sucks. We were there last summer. With the possible exception of what they offered at McDonald's a few years ago, it was the worst fish and chips I have ever had. We pinky swore on the place and said we would never return. We broke that promise today, ordering some appetizers: chicken wings, nachos, onion rings. Things that are hard to mess up. They were acceptable. We told the server about our experience last year. He thanked us for giving them another chance and said that he wished that we had said something about the 2020 experience. Patricia went to the washroom and later reported to me in the car that she had overheard the server telling the cooks about our experience last year. 

I don't know if the same cooks were there last year or not. We went there not long after the restaurants and bars were allowed to re-open. They were probably relearning how to do some dishes. But that food last summer was so horrid that it should not qualify as victuals at all, just something you consume to forestall starvation and feed depression, and feel guilty about afterwards. 

When we were in Spryfield today we noticed that two of the three Chinese food restaurants were closed. Not sure if that is a permanent thing or not. The third one is take out only, which seems a little late in the game to be doing that. I don't know if the other two will reopen, but it always seemed strange to me that Spryfield would have so many Chinese food places. Then again, Spryfield has always been an... interesting place, hasn't it?

We had a quiet evening, and now I am going to have a quiet night's sleep. 

You guys have a good one. Talk at ya tomorrow.


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