Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Post 3982 - Wednesday Night Fun

Hello again, my lovelies.

It occurs to me that I took such a long hiatus from the blog that I am down to at most 3.2 readers now. I yearn for the days of 4.7 readers. Maybe if I am diligent about writing more often, I can get up to those high numbers again. A Bevboy can wish!

I had another quiet day. We went to Bayer's Lake this afternoon. I bought some scallops for dinner and purchased some plastic anchors at the nearby Kent. I go through plenty of those plastic anchors, as the house is full of everything but wood, and every time I was drilling a hole to nail something into the wall, it would just  be pulled out with no effort. Hence my requirement for plastic anchors. The guy who invented plastic anchors must have thought he was inventing sliced bread or something. A genius in his own right. 

I was messaging with a source this evening, regarding an murder from more than one hundred years ago. He gave me some great information including the fact that the story of the murder and its aftermath is recounted in a graphic novel that was published last year. I quickly ordered it, along with a history of the community where the murder happened. The graphic novel was ordered on Amazon. The history of the community was ordered from the Kings County Museum, which I didn't know had an online shop. I ordered that book along with some other NS history books of interest. 

I am not trying to brag, because it is nothing to brag about; but I probably have one of the most comprehensive collections of Nova Scotia books around. I probably have a couple hundred, going back to the 1940's "Tales Told Under the Old Town Clock" series by William Coates Borrett, to Steve Vernon's books about local ghost stories, to Dean Jobb's books (which he cannibalized for his 2020 book), to everything in between. I just got today a book collecting some of the letters of Thomas Chandler Haliburton, who used to be revered as the creator of the Sam Slick character, but who is now reviled because the "sketches" reflect the time they were written in, which means there might be some perceived-racist content here and there. We no longer have Sam Slick Days in Windsor because some knobs decided it was racist to have the character represent the town any more. 

Anyway, I love local history books, and am still purchasing them. I am not sure when or whether I will stop. They will soon be the only books I will buy.

I will be researching a murder in a couple of days. Should be an interesting experience, as always. 

I think I will turn in. Lots happening on Thursday. In theory.

See you tomorrow.


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