Friday, April 9, 2021

Post 3983 - Friday Night Fun Times

The weekend is here! The weekend is here!

Wait. I am all-but retired. Every day is like the weekend.

I didn't write on Thursday because my body shut down relatively early. Friday, I got up at 7 and was out the door at 7:30 so I could catch the bus downtown. I grabbed a bite at the McDonald's on Spring Garden Road and made my way to the library for when it opened at 9. It is just as well as a woman was already at the desk to use the microfilm reader. She would have doubtless used the one I grabbed had I not put my stuff by the reader I wanted to use. 

I spent the next two and a half hours going through back issues of the local paper in search of a particular story from back in the day. I didn't find that story, and I am beginning to think I dreamt it from all those years ago. I will keep looking.

I left the library around 11:30 and meandered over to Steverino's on Brunswick Street where I got a coffee and bought two bags of the "Gone Surfin'" brand, which we like very much. It is named in honour of the man who started Steverino's, Steverino himself. He died several years ago. The business was sold in the last year, and the new owners seem to have respected its legacy and have made the "Gone Surfin'" variety its default medium roast. 

I made my way to the Public Gardens, where I ate the egg salad sandwiches Patricia had prepared for me Thursday night. I fed the crusts to the pigeons, who all-but fought over them. 

After a bit I walked to Century Computers on Spring Garden Road, where I chatted with the owner over laptops. I will probably buy one in the coming week or so. While the keyboard on this old Dell machine is working tonight, a couple of keys cut out from time to time, just when I need them the most. It is probably high time to get something newer. 

I was gonna get another Dell, but the  HP EliteBook 840 G1 i5 looked good, and is at a good price to boot. I don't mind spending a bit more, but this one has all the features I need. Any laptop they have in stock would be a damn sight better than this one, in terms of speed and display and battery life and other features. 

I will give it more thought over the weekend. Decide by Monday. 

From there I went to the Archives to research another vintage murder, this one from 1901 with some pretty interesting aspects. I need to go back there sometime to see how the story played out. 

I left around 3:40 and caught the bus across the street from the place where I had been dropped off in the morning. I had walked past the block on SGR where a murder took place long ago, which will be my next article for the magazine. I got home around 4:40. Patricia had had a quiet day in my absence. 

It was a good day. I like going to the library and archives every week or so. Gives me a reason to get up in the morning and provides a sense of purpose I need more of. 

It is past midnight. I have to get up relatively early in the morning, so I will talk at you tomorrow.

Ciao for now.


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