Saturday, April 10, 2021

Post 3984 - Saturday Night Things

Hello, my friends.

I had the day to myself. Patricia had a mushroom harvesting workshop thingy at the other end of the HRM, so I spent the time here doing stuff around the house. I spent a few hours shredding old documents, bills and the like. 

I realize there are apparently methods by which these shredded pages, hundreds of them, could be reassembled, but in looking at them, it occurs to me that someone would have to want to do that pretty badly. The 20 dollar shredder I used for several hours today is probably perfectly fine.

Patricia returned home around supper time. Exhausted, she pretty much collapsed on the couch. 

I have been listening to a folk concert recorded at a long-gone on Barrington Street called the Swordsman Coffee House. The show was recorded in the late 1960's. I am told the coffee house was where the TD Bank is now, at the corner of George Street. CFDR radio broadcast the show, and many others like it, back in the day. My interest in folk music is limited, but my interest in the idea that Scott Snailham got his hands on the old tape and digitized it somehow so I can stream it on my laptop on a Saturday night in 2021.

Wanna hear it? Here is the link.

So far, I have heard two amateur musicians who were attending Dalhousie University medical school. How these guys found the time to perform music on a Friday night in 1960's Halifax speaks volumes to their time budgeting. 

Sunday morning beckons. I was up early today, so the plan is to sleep in on Sunday.

You guys have a good evening. Talk to you tomorrow.


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