Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Post 3986 - Wednesday Night Stuff

A blog post, two nights in a row? How much will you pay now?

I am slowly getting the hang of this new keyboard. The computer itself is swell. The battery is maybe not what I would like it to be, but the guys at Century Computers don't really guarantee batteries anyway. Nobody does. I get I guess 3.5 hours on average of battery life with this machine, which is far more than the previous computer had. I might get 90 minutes out of that, but that was when the computer was pretty much just sitting there doing nothing

The actual battery time fluctuates so much that the estimate the computer provides is all but useless. I am at about 30% battery life now. A few minutes ago I was told I had about 30 minutes of battery left before it would shut down. I just checked a few seconds ago and it says I have 95 minutes left. Once again, it depends on what the computer is doing, using an algorithm and taxonomy that I was not meant to understand.


I wish I could tell you I had a productive day, but I did not, so I cannot. I really should get to work writing the first of two cold case articles for Frank, but I keep putting them off. My editor has an article in reserve for the next print issue anyway. The next two would not run until succeeding issues came out, and only then if there were room to run them. Of course, if I just sat down and got them done, I could justify taking some time and indulging myself in other cold case research. I keep finding more and more of these vintage cases that have long since been forgotten. It angers me that these cases fall out of public memory and never make it back. 

Actually, I just saw that my article did make it online, and will likely be published in the next print issue, out in a week or two. I will now tell you that it is about the 1922 murder of a man named Thomas Berry, whose murder was more of a slaughter. 

I am going to work  in a non-George R.R. Martin style, to finish the next cold case article. I actually need to ask the police a question about that case before I can send it along to my editor. 

I may as well send that question to the police now, and then turn in. I think I will get up relatively early in the morning. Try to get back to a routine of some kind.

See you tomorrow.


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