Friday, April 16, 2021

Post 3987 - Friday Night Frolics

Well, hello again, my lovelies.

I turned in rather early Thursday night, which is just as well. 

On Friday, I cooked dinner, of salmon and steak, surf and turf. The left over steak will be served with eggs and toast and coffee in the morning. 

I turned to Patricia a couple of hours ago and asked her if we had been out for the last few days, since we had lunch with friends on Tuesday. As far as we can recall, we haven't been. It is just as well that I called the insurance folks a couple of months ago and told them that we don't drive as much as we used to, so we could reduce the  monthly insurance bill that way. 

I was very pleased with how my most recent article was presented in Frank Magazine. I am not sure if I have ever told you this, but I actually get "fan mail" from time to time from readers who like my work. It is very gratifying and a  nice way to validate what I am trying to do with this series. The only other "unsolved murder/missing persons" series I am aware of in these parts was way back in 1991, when Rob Roberts at the old Daily News did a six part series. I am at about edition 70 with my series, with no end in sight. I have two more articles to write, and I am ashamed of myself for not writing them yet. So, 72 or so.

I was just talking to Patricia. We are thinking about subscribing to the paper again. There is something about the "dead tree" experience that cannot be replicated by reading something on a computer monitor. We also like getting the weekly flyers, even though plenty of people scream and rail about getting them. They are something we can read at our leisure without having to fire up a computer. When we are done with them, we can use the paper to wrap up food waste and throw that stuff into the green bin. 

The laptop is becoming ever easier to use. The keyboard still has an issue here and there. The backspace key is right above an oversized "enter" key, and I find myself pressing the wrong key at the wrong time, which makes me feel foolish. The left shift key is tiny, but the one on the right is huge. I don't know why. And I also don't know why laptop keyboard layouts are not more standardized. Am I missing something somewhere?

This weekend should keep me busy. I think I will go out and embrace it.

See you tomorrow.


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