Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Post 3989 - Tuesday Night Good Times

Well, hello again, my good friends. 

Today, I still didn't finish my latest Frank article. I printed it off on Monday afternoon, and today went over it line-by-line, copy editing the thing and making notations and deleting things and rewording things. I will type in those actual changes on Wednesday and then send it off, before starting work on the next article, which will likely not run for two months. 

I cooked dinner tonight. Hamburger steak, which some of you may not quite understand, so I will explain it. You take a pound of hamburger and make, say, four patties out of it. Maybe put some salt and pepper on it first, some spices if you want. Set aside. Cook some potatoes and mash them. Cut up some red pepper, onion, mushrooms, and cook those, too, in a frying pan. Prepare a cup or two of gravy, by whatever method you choose. Remove the veggies from the frying pan for a few minutes and put the hamburger patties in. Cook them until the juices run clear. Add the veggies on top, and then the gravy. Make sure everything is piping hot. Put the potatoes on a plate and then one of the patties and smother with the veggies and gravy mixture. Enjoy!

It is not steak as one would understand it, but everyone knows that patties prepared in this manner are known as hamburger steak. I am not sure why. It is not something that one eats every day, but every eight weeks or so, we have it, and it is hard to stop eating it.   Probably 12 dollars or so in a local restaurant, but maybe six dollars here at home, and it could feed a family of four quite easily, or maybe just one teenager. 

After dinner, we went to Bayer's Lake. We went to Dollarama, because I wanted to get some of those eraser you put on the end of pencils. The only package they had was one containing 40 such erasers, for $1.15 with taxes in. That means that each eraser cost just under three cents apiece. I am not sure how a company could manufacture erasers, put them in packages of 40 each, distribute them to stores, where they would be sold for so cheap and make a profit somehow. They could have sold 20 of them for $1.15, and I would have considered that a bargain. Six cents for such an eraser would have struck me as quite a fair price. But now I have 40 of them, and have deployed but two. I am not sure how long it will take me to use the other 38. Maybe I will sell them on eBay or something. Eight cents each, plus shipping. Try and stop me.

I also got some more of those York Peppermint Patties that have beguiled us so much over the years. That didn't stop us from going across the street to Superstore, where we picked up some essentials. Charcuterie supplies were on half price, so we got some of those and ended up freezing most of them. 

We got home around 8:50, in time to watch "Big Sky" and then "Prodigal Son" on the PVR. Whoever invented the PVR should be nominated for Sainthood. 

It is past 12:30. I am going to turn in. I will make the article changes in the morning and send them off to my editor. 

You have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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