Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Post 3990 - Wednesday Night Shenanigans

Yes. I finally finished the most recent cold case article. I sent it off to my editor around suppertime on Wednesday. 

I will start writing the next article on Thursday or Friday. I would like to finish it in the coming days, unless I realize that I need to do more research, which is a distinct possibility. 

I watched The Masked Singer tonight. It is a guilty pleasure for us to watch every week. It was on for two hours tonight, which is easily an hour too many.

Like many people before me, including Stephen Kimber and former cops and who knows who else, I have been fascinated by the 1943 murder-suicide of Frank Johnson and his daughter Nadia. I am still hoping to provide more information on this case in the coming months, but tonight I thought I had found another potential lead, but when I started down that rabbit hole, it led me nowhere. I thought I found a variant spelling of Nadia's mother's name. She went by Vava, but that was not her real name. I found a document online tonight that gave a different name for her, but when I searched for that name on places like or, or a simple google search, I found nothing. If my other potential source doesn't come through, I'll be at a complete loss. 


I was looking on for information about the case a month or so ago and noticed that someone else had clipped the same article I had. And the person's username had "Johnson" as part of it. I contacted that person but still haven't heard anything and it has been weeks now. It may have been a person who just wanted to use the service's free two week trial to research a few things and will never log on again because he doesn't want to pay for the service. 

I will keep looking. The story of Frank and Nadia and "Vava" is one that is fascinating to anyone who reads it. It was a lot of work for me to research it in 2019, but the article was very well received by readers who took the time to write the magazine and to write me personally. 

The next two cold case articles in Frank, one of which is online now, and the one of which goes up in a month, are along those same lines. Lots of research and interesting facts and plenty of pictures. Not saying they're better, but if you liked the Frank and Nadia and Vava story, you should find these interesting as well.

It is nearly 1:30am on  Thursday. I should turn in, although I am really not tired. Having an AHI of 2.4 last night, and 1.6 the night before means that the sleep you get is super restful. 

See you... later on today.


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