Thursday, April 22, 2021

Post 3991 - Thursday Night Stuff

 Hello again, my lovelies.

Well, that was fun while it lasted. On Thursday, the province, quite rightly alarmed by the greatly-increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases, all-but shut down the place. Service outlets like hair places and tattoo parlors and so many other joints, have to shut down on Friday. I cannot go to the Archives any more for at least a month, as they are not accepting appointments for people to do research. Ditto for the library.

It is just as well that I have an article in reserve to run in a month and can write one more article after that, keeping the cold case series going for two more instalments. If the archives open up before that, then readers will not know that I was unable to do any work for a spell.

But this is not about me.

I am quite angry about an incident where some yahoo's from Ontario came to Nova Scotia and interfaced with some people here without self isolating for two weeks. It seems to have generated a superspreader event whose tendrils are working their way through the province. Friday's numbers could be worse than today's, 38. Drives me crazy.

I have spent probably too much time this evening on the Archives website, searching for birth, marriage and death certificates. You can't look at records beyond a certain date range, but some of the people I have written about are certainly there. There are certainly some key pieces of information that is not reported in the newspapers, such as specific details of injuries and the like. 

If you want to, check out this link. And be prepared to lose yourself. I will be coming back to it soon.

We went to Gateway Meat Market Thursday afternoon. On the way back, Patricia went to Posh Pearl while I went next to the Hard Drive Cafe. I had never been inside. The owner is a guy named George, and he seems very nice. I very nearly bought another HP Elitebook, for cheaper than I bought this one last week, but he wanted to test his remaining models a bit more first. 

I am a fan now of HP laptops. I had been using Dell's for a long time. They never gave me any problems, until the one I am retiring had its keyboard begin to act up, necessitating a purchase of something newer. This one has been a dream to use. It never even gets warm, even after I use it for hours at a time. 

I think I will turn in. Been a long day. What with the lockdown, I am not sure what I will do on Friday, but there are always things to do around here. Question of doing them, is all.

See you tomorrow.



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