Friday, April 23, 2021

Post 3992 - Friday Night? Already?

Yes. It is Friday night. Already.

Didn't do much today. The pandemic shutdown in this part of Nova Scotia has made us think we really should stay as close to home as possible, for as long as possible.

For example, we were scheduled for our first AZ shot next Thursday in Middleton. We were going to make a day trip of it all, but this morning I went on the Health website and cancelled my old appointment and found a new one within five minutes, much closer to home, and only four days after the date of the original appointment. We can be there in five or six minutes, and home in maybe 30 minutes after leaving the house, including the time they expect us to wait around after the shot. 

Kinda made our day.

We got lucky with that one. 

The rest of the day, we just kinda took things easy. The next week or so will be about nesting and staying close to home. 

I don't mind going on the record about telling you how ticked I am with these relatively few people who decided all the rules about social distancing and wearing masks and just not being a dick, didn't apply to them. In flouting the rules, they ended up greatly increasing our Covid numbers to the point where businesses, libraries, the Archives, and so many other things are closed. Stores that are open can only have a 25% capacity, which means that people will have to line up to purchase groceries, which is an obscenity foisted upon us by these people who just don't care enough about others to practice reasonable public health measures. 


On that note, I am turning in. 1:30 here. Need my beauty sleep.

See you tomorrow.


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