Saturday, May 1, 2021

Post 3997 - Saturday Night Stuff

Sorry I didn't write the last couple of days. I don't have a particular excuse for not writing. It just got late and I decided to turn in without producing a blog post, which was a habit I got into for quite a few months as you will recall.

Anyway, the covid-19 numbers are way up in the last few days. They were down to the 60's on Friday. Then we got the news that there had been so many tests for the virus that it created a significant back log, which the folk who process these tests are working through as diligently as they can. The upshot of that is that we were warned that the covid numbers would be quite large for a period of time as they worked through the backlog.

Saturday's numbers were 148.

We all know that these numbers do not all mean that these new cases, all 148 of them, will not result in people keeling over from the coronavirus. Most of these people, the vast majority of them even, will not suffer more than just mild symptoms. Still and all, if the numbers hold true, several of these folks will end up quite sick, and a few of them will end up in ICU. One or two of them may die. 

Of the remaining people, some of them will spread the virus to others, unknowingly and innocently. These numbers will spread, and the percentages I outlined in the previous paragraph will play out, with larger numbers of sick, those in ICU, and those paying the ultimate price. 

We have made a concerted effort to stay home the last few days. We were out on Wednesday, where I got the lawnmower and Patricia got the soil and the lime. On Friday afternoon, I went to the corner store for munchies. I wore a mask at all times and made every effort to socially distance. We need to get a few groceries, but that can wait until Monday when we get our first vaccine shot, which is at a grocery store's pharmacy and not far from here. We are assuming that after that first shot, we will feel like crap for a day or so. 

In short, we are doing our part to be responsible and to do our best not to acquire the virus, and to prevent others from getting it should we have it. We are asymptomatic, so we are not worried about having the virus, just getting it. 

We cannot understand for the life of us, why people would throw all caution to the wind and not wear a mask,  not socially distance, be utter a-holes about wearing a mask in public. What is wrong with the people who partied in Halifax last night, and were caught by the police, and will now have to pay a $2000 fine, each? 

We. Don't. Get. It. Help us understand what is going on in their pathetic little heads.

In other news, the keyboard on this here laptop is coming along nicely, but I still think the left shift button is far too small, and the enter key on the right is far too big. The right shift button is three times as big as the one on the left, and I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with the engineers at HP and ask them why. I can run this computer for hours and  hours and it barely gets even slightly warm. The old Dell heats up and the fan runs or 20 minutes at a time, so audibly that it was a distraction. I made a wise decision, investing in this much newer machine. 

I think I will turn in. I am not sure just what yet I will do on Sunday, but there will be something to do. There always is.

See you then.



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