Monday, May 10, 2021

Post 4002 - Monday Night Stuff

This will be an interesting blog post to write. Newbie is nestled against my left arm, and I am a proper typist, so my ability to type is hampered a bit. 

It was a good day, with a bit of disappointing news tonight, when we learned that Fox's "Prodigal Son" was cancelled after two seasons. The show slowed down to a crawl in scenes where Michael Sheen did not appear, so it should come as no surprise that they broke him out of prison a couple of weeks ago. Then, last week's episode had flash back scenes with him in them, but no present day scenes. I have read that the producers have had to work really hard to accommodate Sheen's busy professional schedule, leading to episodes where you hear about his character but do not see him. 

Already, stars of the show are appearing on Twitter and thanking people for watching. Sweet.

No point here to share with you. I just think it's neat how social media have made it possible for the stars of a tv show or a movie or whatever, to interact with their fans so quickly and easily. 

Today was "let's use up some stuff in the fridge before it goes bad", coupled with, "let tear through some stuff on the pvr so it doesn't fall below 20% and start deleting stuff", so we did both. "Mare of Easttown" continues to entertain; I hope they find a way to make more seasons. And I don't know whether "Robot Chicken" will come back or not, but the 2019 episodes are ones we haven't seen, so we are enjoying them. 

One reader wrote to tell me that he may have one of those old Model M keyboards that I covet. Please keep those emails coming to me. Remember that they must be inexpensive. Cannot afford those multi-hundred dollar keyboards, nice as they are.

There is not much else going on, so I will draw this to a close.

See you tomorrow, my lovelies.


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