Saturday, May 15, 2021

Post 4005 - Saturday Night Stuff

We are sitting trying to derive some entertainment from Saturday Night Live. It is in a major downward spiral in the last few months. It is monotonous and you have to wonder if the writers even have a sense of humour. 

It was another lovely day around here. We picked up some gardening supplies from a guy selling his house. When I backed up the car to get back on the road, the turn in the driveway caused me nearly to go into his ditch, which would not have sat well with the man's wife, who glared at us and yelled at him. We were happy to get out of there and return home. 

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon working on the next Frank article, regarding an unsolved murder from long ago. I want to finish it on Sunday and send it off to my editor. 

The latest article to go up, went up on Friday and has had nearly 100 reads already. That is gratifying to say the least. 

Washed 13 pairs of jeans on Saturday. I didn't know we had 13 pairs of jeans between us, but there are yet more pairs in the closet, plus the one on me arse. We have many pairs of jeans. If we get hard up, we can cut them up and saute them and consume them. We can adopt a.... pant-based diet. 

I got a million of them.

On that note, I bid you adieu. 

See you tomorrow.


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