Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Post 4006 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Hi again. Sorry I didn't write the last few days. One thing after another. 

I got up really early this morning. Scheduled to get the snow tires off at 7:30. It ended up costing me over $200, because they store the tires. Also got an oil change and who knows what else. It adds up quickly. 

Afterward I went to a couple of Superstores to get the current print issue of Frank. When one of my articles runs, I like to get a print copy. I am not sure why. I get a free digital subscription. I guess seeing it in print tells me that is "real", if that makes any sense. 

There are three articles at play here. The one in the current print magazine, which I bought this morning (Thomas Berry). The one that is presently online, but will be in the next print magazine, out next week (Leslie Corkum). And the article that I submitted to my editor this afternoon, and which will not be published even online for a few weeks, and not make it to the print magazine for five or six weeks. I will reveal that name when it goes online in June. 

While I was putting the finishing touches on the article I just mentioned, Patricia took off to pick up some things. She did that and then hung a left to go on to the Bay Road, driving past exit four, which is one fraught when people who pay little attention before they pull off the 103 to the Bay Road. That remained true today. She was on the Bay Road and some mental midget pulled out in front of her, very nearly hitting her. She laid on the horn. She tells me that he was apologetic. They both proceeded into Tantallon. He settled into the Canadian Tire parking lot, and Patricia soon parked next to him. 

When he emerged from the store and returned to his car, Patricia confronted him. She told him that he took five years off her life, that it would have been his fault, and so on. To his credit, he was man enough to take responsibility for his error and apologized, over and over. 

She got home. Told me about what happened. Asked me to pore her a stiff drink, which I did. She eventually calmed down, and I cooked us dinner and we are trying to get past this horrible event. Another split second, and things could have gone far, far worse. 

What happened today speaks to the fragility of life, and some of the people who can cause damage to others, either accidentally or on purpose. It makes us want to stay even closer to home, and to leave it as little as humanly possible.

And on that hermit-like note, I take my leave for the night.

See you tomorrow.



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