Monday, May 24, 2021

Post 4010 - Monday Night Quick Bites

A day later, already! 

Slept in like a crazy person today. Did virtually nothing other than to plow through stuff on the pvr. Still down to 33% remaining storage. Once it falls below 20%, it starts to delete stuff. It is sort of like in Speed, where the bus will explode if it falls below 50 miles per hour or whatever it was. It is a non-stop fight going through the stuff we record. 

We got a little behind the last few days as we spent some time over the weekend looking over the offerings on the Roku channel. They bought most of the content from Quibi last year as you may recall. Quibi was one of the most poorly-thought out ideas I can recall. Sort for Quick Bites, it was content designed for people to watch on their phones whilst commuting to and from work on the subway or the bus or whatever. The problem was, it went live during the height of the pandemic in 2020, just as people were staying home. Quibi was designed to be impossible to play on a television or even a computer monitor. People said to hell with it and the company folded months later. Roku bought the content in a relative firesale late last year. 

They unleashed 30 or so shows last week, out of 75 or so. There is some good content there. The best show was problem the latest version of "The Most Dangerous Game", but we also liked "Dummy", about a young woman who befriends her boyfriend's sex doll(!) and "The Fugitive". 

The format of the programming is that each "episode" is under 10 minutes long, so there is a  cliffhanger at the end of each part of the overall story, which sometimes is forced and doesn't really flow with the story, if you catch my drift. Each show is maybe 90 minutes long, broken up into these little chapters, and that can get real old, real fast. 

The programming on the Roku channel is free, but has commercials. It is another streaming service, but doesn't cost anything, so there is that. The remaining content will be released in the coming months, but I don't know what that programming will be. 

So, we watched some of that, which threw off our deleting stuff on the pvr. Such lives we lead, of great privilege!

Tuesday beckons, and we have promised each other to get a few things done if at all possible. Let's see if we can keep that promise.

See you tomorrow.


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