Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Post 4011 - Tuesday Night Stuff

I mowed the lawn today, and then whippersnipped in the back yard. I love that little whippersnipper when it works.  A Weed Eater by name, you wrap a blue cord around a little spindle and put a cap on it and snap it in place, which is getting harder and harder to do. The little cord rips and tears at the weeds, but the cord itself snaps off very quickly. I am lucky to get five minutes before I have to stop it and force more of the cord through the little hole and resume whacking weeds. Then, two minutes later, I have to repeat the process. 

I'm told and have seen these harder plastic thingies that you attach instead of the cord, but those are only for specific machines, probably gas powered, which this one is not. Unless I want to take our gas powered machine and see if it can be retrofitted, or I spend too much money on a machine that will allow for this kind of attachment. Or I keep using this old weed eater with the cord until the machine falls apart before I buy another similar machine for 30 dollars on Facebook Marketplace and continue with the frustration. 

The new outside outlet I had installed a couple of weeks ago works fine, but I had to reset the switch for it on the control panel today. I am not sure if this will have to happen every time I use it. If so, then that will suck. The lawn mower I got a few weeks ago works great though. 

Tomorrow, I really have to tackle the recroom. It is in an unacceptable condition, even by my standards.

I think I will turn in. Maybe I will turn in early. 

Or not. Let's go with not.

See you tomorrow.



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