Sunday, June 6, 2021

Post 4017 - Sunday Night Ramblings

 Welcome to one in the morning on Monday, actually.

Sorry I didn't write the last few days. Stuff going on. The highlight was Saturday when we drove down to the Valley to celebrate the opening up of the province. We went to the Wolfville Farmer's Market and then walked around the town. Ended up at Eos Fine Foods, a health food store that has been on Front Street in that fair town since 1977. We love that store.

We ended up having a rather expensive lunch at Troy Restaurant on... Elm Street, I think it is. It looks like nothing from the outside, but the inside is very atmospheric. The deck/oasis on the side is sublime, and so is the Mediterranean-centred food. Patricia had lamb kebabs. I went with the steak. We started off with the hummus. For dessert we had baklava and two Turkish coffees. Loved all of it. With tax and gratuities it added up to a pretty penny, but we did want to celebrate the opening up of the province.

From there we went to the Barrelling Tides Distillery in Port Williams, in the industrial park. That building has been several things over the past... 20 years or so. A place where architects worked. A place called Nova Scotia Post and Beam. A Happy Harry's. I think a Frenchy's was there at one point. Probably missing a few along the way. But it has been a distillery for the last few years. I am not much of a vodka guy, but they have one that is incredible. It has a hot pepper swimming around in the bottle, and has a great deal of kick. I am no expert on vodka, but I have found one that I enjoy perhaps a bit too much.

We returned to Halifax in time for Patricia to get some plants at a place in Fairview. We returned home and enjoyed a few hours in front of the telly before turning in early. 

Today has been another quiet day, but I did walk to the corner store to get the weekend paper. I have told you before how much I like this little corner store. They must do a good business because I always see people milling around it, and several cars parked in front. 

I also bought a bag of "white cheddar" potato chips from Lays. The white cheddar popcorn is wonderful, but the chips are tasteless, literally. If there is any white cheddar on the chips, it is hiding in embarrassment. I wasted four dollars on that crap. Please, follow my advice and stay away from these wretched potato chips. 

We have been watching the first two seasons of "Line of Duty" on Netflix. One of those Irish crime dramas that you have to re-play portions of over and over so you can decipher what they hell they're saying. The pacing is a little too leisurely for our tastes. The episodes run nearly an hour long each, and there is ample opportunity for scenes to be cut or trimmed, but they don't. The acting is compelling, though. I just wish the stories were a little easier to follow, but the fact that it isn't, probably is my fault in the end.

It is 1:30 now. I really should turn in. I got up relatively early on Sunday, around 11, so I should make some kind of effort to get back on to a regular routine. 

You guys all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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