Sunday, June 13, 2021

Post 4020 - Sunday Night Musings

I overthink things. I can't help it.

Here I am, late on a Sunday night, early on a Sunday morning, and I am trying to hack a way to keep my flatbed scanners from opening up when I don't want them to, and possibly breaking. 

It is silly. I know it is. I have several usb-powered scanners that I acquired inexpensively over the years. I only keep two of them on the go. The one that is attached to the all-in-one computer I got six months ago, and the one I keep in a small Staples shopping bag and take with me when I go to someone's house to scan in something, usually for my cold case series. I might have paid ten dollars for that scanner, and it still works great for what it is. When those two give up the ghost, I have I think four more in a closet that can be pressed into service. 

Still and all, as a thrifty person, I think of ways to protect that ten dollar investment. When I take that scanner out of the house, I could drop it, or it could get smushed under something and just stop working. Ten bucks is ten bucks. You understand

I thought at the very least I could get something to keep the scanner closed, "locked" if you will. When I want to use it, I could "unlock" it and Bob's your uncle. I figured that maybe I could use four velcro "dots" on the East and West side of the scanner, top and bottom, and then wrap opposite type of velcro strips (fuzzy on the non fuzzy dots for example) on those dots to keep the scanner closed. The problem is that most of the velcro strips I have seen have adhesives on the back, which is something I do not want. Just the strips, and not the adhesive. 

I could also devise something in which to keep the scanner safe while it is being transported somewhere. Something perhaps made out of bubble wrap that I could slip the scanner in and out of easily as I need to. 

Whatever I decide to do, it must be simple and elegant and something that doesn't require a lot of work to maintain.

Yes. I think about stuff like this, probably too much. Did I tell you I paid ten dollars for this scanner,  years ago, and it was several years old then? Yeah. Sorry.

So, if you can help a fella out, please get back to me. 

I'll try to think of something fun for tomorrow's blog post.

See you then.


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