Monday, June 14, 2021

Post 4021 - Monday Night Stuff

Hi again. 

No. I still haven't worked out a way to keep my scanner safely closed. Thank you for asking. People were coming up to me on the street and knocking on my door and texting me. Even a few disturbing phone calls. I'll tell you as I told them. I haven't worked it out just yet. Likely something to do with velcro "dots" on the top and underside of the scanner with a velcro strap joining the dots. Once applied, it will keep the scanner closed in a way I see fit.  Still thinking it through.

Patricia had an appointment downtown today and parking was validated, so we drove down together. I purchased Graham Steele's latest book about Nova Scotia politics, his third. It discusses the various premiers the province has had since 1945. In 262 pages I am not sure yet what level of detail he can get into, but we will soon see. 

After that, I wandered around the downtown, noting that an awful lot of businesses remain unopen, making things quite boring. But Freak Lunchbox was still open, so I went in there and spent $37, which given the store's prices, is not difficult to do. Patricia joined me there a few minutes after I arrived and we picked out a couple of items together.

We returned home and barbecued the rib eye steak Patricia had purchased at the Canning Meat Market on Thursday. One piece was overcooked, my fault. But the steak was terrific, mouth watering and made me look forward to the next feed of steak, which will not be any time soon. 

Tonight we finished watching season one of "Hacks", and are looking forward to season two, coming in 2022 I guess. 

Also this evening I spent some time on Newspapers Dot Com researching a murder from long ago. I didn't know it was unsolved until I followed through and found that the man accused of the murder was found not guilty. I am unaware of anyone else ever being charged with the man's murder, so it is fodder for my cold case series. 

Newspapers Dot Com is a pretty good resource, but it could be better. At least, though, murder is such a horrific crime that it makes the news in other papers, even in the States, so it can be a starting point for research. You can find brief articles written by the Canadian Press and picked up in other papers. That gives you the dates of the crime and broad strokes as to what happened. With that information, you can go to the archives and look at Nova Scotia papers for that period of time and harvest the associated articles from the microfilms. This last step would not be necessary if Nova Scotia newspapers were included in  Newspapers Dot Com. Maybe some day.

So, another unsolved murder to finish researching, once the archives open again. Looking forward to it.

Here it is, 11:30, and I am thinking about turning in. 

You all have a good evening and I will bark at ya tomorrow.


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