Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Post 4022 - Tuesday Night? Already?

Yes. It is Tuesday night. Already.

Another quiet day. We learned that the Lotto Max draw tonight was for 125 million dollars. That would pay just about all my debts, so we decided to get a ticket this evening, after our trip to Sobeys. The 88 cent sale was still in effect so we got more pasta and pasta sauce for nearly nothing. We figure if we win the big prize tonight, that we can buy yet more cheap pasta, perhaps going as far as two helpings for each of us. 

An old friend posted on Facebook today about how he had read an article about the housing crisis in Canada. I asked him to post the link so I could read the article, too, but I don't think he did that. But there is a housing crisis world-wide, it seems. People can't afford to live where they want to, and if they can afford it, there is often insufficient housing for them at all. 

I have no idea what the solution is. You can't make anybody build something. You can't make anybody rent an apartment or a room or anything else to anyone else. And if people do choose to rent a space, they can charge whatever they think the market will bear. Supply and demand. It is not fair, but it is the way things are. That is cold comfort to those who would dearly love to get a place, any place, to live and cannot. It is even worse for people who suffer through  a "renoviction", but once again, I do not see any particular remedy other than hoping that enough people choose to construct or make available enough housing for everyone. And that the markets will force prices to move to a decent level so that most people, most of the time, end up with a suitable place to live. 

I guess.

What do you think? You know how to hit me up.

Calling it a night. It's a night, and that joke never gets old. 

See you tomorrow.


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