Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Post 4027 - Tuesday Morning Stuff

Well, hello there, my darlings.

I am up very early today. Around 5:30, I got up and found my cleanest dirty shirt, and my dirtiest clean underwear and some short pants that are questionable at best.

I have eaten some breakfast. Packed the lunch that Patricia prepared for me last evening. Placed the sandwiches and the cherry tomatoes in a bag along with a couple of ice packs into the bag I use when I research cold cases. There is a bottle of water in there, too, along with the other stuff I use when I am researching. The bag is really a little to heavy now. 

Yes! The archives are open again, at least for appointments. And, yes, I have an appointment today. 

I have a particular case in mind, one that I began to research before the late April lock down when the Archives shut down again. I know the broad strokes of how the case played out, as my newspapers.com subscription had a brief article or two; but the local newspapers will have far more information, which I will find today.

Sorry I didn't write on Monday. The day got away from me. Which means I watched "The Republic of Sarah" late last night. It is a show about a town in New Hampshire that realizes it is technically not a part of the United States, or Canada, and declares its independence. The first episode was a week ago, ending on a bit of cllffhanger. That cliffhanger was resolved within the first 3 minutes of the show last night, which felt like a cheat; but I wonder how they will play out this overall storyline. How will they resolve issues like who provides police and fire service, do they have the right to charge taxes, and what becomes of all the people who are all of a sudden, no longer American citizens and want to remain them? Do the people who are collecting social security no longer receive it, and have to pay back the benefits they have already received? I am not confident that a YA-leaning show has considered things like this, and if they have, how they will figure out these problems. But I am along for at least a few more episodes to find out.

Already bailed on "Kung Fu", which is boring. We have nine episodes of "Walker" on the PVR and no interest in watching them. But we both love "The Chase", a game show that you have to see to believe. Oftentimes, the contestants who have worked hard to get to the final round, walk away with nothing at all. Probably not even lovely parting gifts.

I have to go catch the bus in a few minutes, so I will draw this to a close. You have a good day. Bark at you either tonight or tomorrow.


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