Sunday, June 27, 2021

Post 4030 - Sunday Night Stuff

 Another day, sweltering in the heat. Another day, wishing I had done more.

Actually, I did do some stuff. I was in the recroom for a while, going through some boxes left over from the sale of the Valley house in 2020. I found an old beer stein of my father's that I will probably start using right away. I found some old papers and a few magazines and CD's containing ISO's of Linux-based operating systems. A few other things, most of which are going into the garbage in the next few days.

My plan is to get off my duff and do at least something every day and try to reclaim that room. I don't even know what is in most of these boxes; most of it can likely go to the landfill as well and I wouldn't even know it was gone. 

Tonight we watched episodes of "Superstore" on Netflix. One of those shows that I watched only sporadically when it was running. We are starting from day one and it is much more entertaining this way. There are not nearly enough shows featuring people making crap wages and how they survive working for a company that takes them for granted and doesn't care about them. There should be a lot more of these shows.

I have to get up early so we can have our second shot, in a scant eight hours, so I am drawing this post to a close.

You all have a good rest of the night and I will bark at you tomorrow.


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