Friday, July 2, 2021

Post 4031 - Friday Night Stuff

Hello again.

Sorry I haven't written in the last few days. I have been well, but rested quite a bit after the Monday morning vaccine shot.

We got there to the Timberlea Guardian Drugs around 8:10 and went in a few minutes later, which was still early. They took us right in for our shots. By 8:35, we left and drove to Tantallon for some breakfast and then got some groceries at the Superstore and returned home. By mid-afternoon, I was tired and my arm, where the shot had gone, was sore, so I decided to take a nap. I really didn't get up again until late Tuesday morning. By the afternoon I was feeling well enough to do some work around the house.

By Wednesday I was feeling pretty damned good. And by Thursday afternoon, the carpenters had finished the new ramp leading to the backyard, and had laid the stones and made a lovely path from the ramp leading to the back deck. They also put in a step leading to Patricia's she-shed and created a raised bed in front of the she-shed where the Veg Trug now rests. The Veg Trug was meant to make things easier to grow veggies; think of it as a super raised garden bed. But it is not impervious to the elements. Not many years after it was purchased, it is falling apart. What a shame.

Anyway, here I am, Friday night, and I feel like a million bucks. I don't look like a million bucks. I look like someone's grandfather and am closing in on feeling like one. 

Despite all the money I have spent on the house over the last year, and even this week, we are still thinking about selling the place and getting out of Dodge. The city is moving in a direction that I find discomfiting. Too many woke politicians afraid to say anything. Too many head scratching decisions from Council afraid to upset anyone. Just. Too. Much. Of most anything.

I am from the Valley. Patricia is from Pictou County. Either place is a possibility. So is most anywhere, really. Just as long as we end up in a house with the amenities we want at a price point that will not kill us. We want to end up in a house where there is either no mortgage or one that can be paid off in short order. The market has been crazy lately but seems to be coming back to some semblance of reality, so we don't know if what we want will be at variance with reality.

I am turning in relatively early for a Friday night. We have some plans for Saturday that preclude me staying up too late.

You all take care of each other. I will bark at you tomorrow.




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