Monday, July 5, 2021

Post 4032 - Monday Night Stuff

Hello again, my lovelies.

Sorry I didn't write over the weekend. I wasn't feeling well on Saturday and pretty much went to bed in the afternoon and didn't get up again until the next morning. On Sunday, I produced a draft of my next cold case article. Today, I made a bunch of changes to the draft and sent it off to my editor around supper time. After that, I drank a beer from my father's beer stein, which I found in a box a week or two again. One of the boxes from the Valley house that I finally got around to looking at recently. One of quite a few.

The weekend was quiet. The CPAP machine regulates my sleep, which is very helpful. Even so, though, there is the odd day when my body requires a bit more rest, and one of those days was Saturday. Pre-CPAP, I would fall asleep in front of the tv, at work, and sleep in on weekends, only to require more rest in the afternoons. Happened all the time. Trust me. My situation is far better now.

I told you we were going to go for a day trip on Saturday, but that did not happen. Instead, now that I have the next cold case article under my belt, I have some justified downtime, so we may do a day trip on Tuesday. 

We are still thinking about the pluses and minuses of moving out of the city. A major plus would be having a bigger property for less money. A major minus was spelled out by a Twitter friend whose husband recently had to go to the hospital. She lives down Annapolis way. When he had to go to emergency the other night, the hospitals in their area were all closed for lack of Emergency doctors, so they ended up having to go to Kentville, a good 45 minutes away. The last thing we want is to end up in a part of the province that has sub-par medical service. But, then again, here I am in the city and I have no physician, because he retired in January. 

See? Pluses and minuses.

On that lovely note, I think I will turn in. Pushing one in the morning and I want to get up at a decent hour. 

See you tomorrow.


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