Saturday, July 10, 2021

Post 4034 - Saturday Night Musings

Well, hello again, my lovelies.

Sorry I didn't write the last few days. One thing after another.

We had every plan to go to the Valley on Friday morning. Had a thing down there. But we got as far as Mount Uniacke and then the rain hit, hard, so we called our friend, made our apologies, and returned home. 

On the way back home we drove through Bayer's Lake and bought some scallops, the last of which I consumed this evening, and some veggies, some of which will go bad in the fridge even though we curse ourselves every time that happens. No excuses. 

We also dropped off to the Sobeys in Timberlea. The rumours surrounding the construction in front of the store are coalescing around it being a gas station of some kind, likely with an A&W in it. You know, the place with the furry onion rings and the "family" of hamburgers. The impending construction behind the grocery store will likely not be retail based, but rather, more housing. 

The city is crying for affordable housing. A group in the city created little sheds for homeless folks to move into, and placed them illegally in various locations. The city is going to tear them down in the coming days. These folks will be allowed to stay in hotels for a short period of time before being thrown out in the street again, only this time they will not have those sheds to move into. So it grinds my gears something fierce when I hear about new housing coming to an area of the HRM that needs housing, but the cost of that housing is out of reach for an awful lot of people. Even when I was working full time, I could never afford $800, 000 for a house, and would blanch at paying 50% of that for a house. But $800K is the going rate for these new houses by the Sobeys, and I don't think they're worth it, and also don't think there are enough people around to support that kind of housing. But I could be dead wrong about that last point, although I am dead right about their not being enough housing for those who have nowhere else to go.

The city is getting on my nerves in a way that makes me want to leave it, every day. There are fewer and fewer reasons to stay here. There are asinine decisions made by some of the municipal politicians that make me wonder where their priorities are. I don't remember people clamouring for bicycle lanes, but we have them, and about 23 people use them. Public roads are being closed off to people who want to drive on them as a shortcut or whatever, which just makes other roads all the busier. They replaced a perfectly-working parking system consisting of parking meters, with one that involves zones and registering your vehicle and I refuse to use it. The few times I go downtown, are either by bus, outside of parking enforcement hours, or I park in a building's parkade. I avoid the downtown as much as possible. I get the feeling they don't especially want me there.

And if they don't want me there, or don't exactly encourage me to go downtown, and make these and other foolish decisions, and waste my money, and don't build enough affordable housing, then why the hell am I here at all? I am not especially enjoying my time in the city any more. I haven't for quite some time.

I'm from the Valley. Maybe it's time to consider moving back.

Just sayin'.

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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