Monday, July 12, 2021

Post 4035 - Monday Night Things

Hello again, my lovelies.

I did not write on Sunday because by the time we got back from a quick Valley trip, it was quite late. Exhausted, we crawled off to bed comparatively early.

We had decided to go down there as someone was selling a house and we decided to check it out. Against all logic, the owners allowed us to walk through the place even though they were not home, and nobody else was, either. This would not happen in the city. At all.

The place was nice. We liked it. Not sure if it is for us yet. We have a short list of certain amenities that we want in an abode. Things like a second bathroom. A workshop of some kind so we can bang things with a hammer. A place where Patricia can do some stained glass work or other kinds of craft work. A large room for my books and computer equipment. A nice deck. An area for us to look out and contemplate the world and our place in it. One or two other things.

We drove around for a while. Ended up in Canning and went to its meat market. Spent perhaps too much money. Drove around some more and ended up in Baxter's Harbour, where I quickly found my maternal grandparents' graves. She died in 1989; he, in 1996. There is a big back story there. They had lived in Baxter's Harbour for many years. By the time my own parents were married and settled in the Port Williams area, and my father's job as a carpenter was underway, my mother's parents decided to pull up stakes and move to Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick, for work. The remaining kids, my uncles, were all very young and went along. Two of the three uncles eventually had families, and most of them remain in NB. I very seldom see them. The first cousins now a few times removed, I would not know if I fell over them. Nor they, me. Which is a little sad.

Also in that cemetery was a reminder of a story my father told me long ago. There is a grave for a couple of young girls. Turns out they were murdered by their father. And he is also buried in that cemetery. I do not know if he was charged with their murder, or died out of shame or what happened. I would love to know. A friend reads this blog and lives in the area. Perhaps she will see this and let me know.

We drove out to the Hall's Harbour Lobster Pound and had dinner. It was costly, and I am not sure if it was worth it. I justified it by telling myself that we were sort of on vacation and my bills are all paid. So there is that. 

After dinner, while Patricia was powdering her nose, I waddled into the gift shop and found an interesting book that I had heard about but which I had never seen. It is by Laura Churchill Duke and is called Two Crows Sorrow. It is about the 1904 murder of a woman on the North Mountain. Duke admits that she does things like extrapolate dialogue and expands characters, but swears that the story is otherwise 100% true. 

I have also recently found a graphic novel about Nova Scotia which has a "chapter" about this long-ago murder. And there is a book about Burlington, where the murder happened, which has a lengthy segment about the murder. Since it is not unsolved, I will not be doing an article about it for Frank; but it is nice to see that there is so much interest in this story.

With this book, I likely have close to all that has been written about this case, unless I go to the Archives or something and source the original newspaper articles.

We left for home around 7:20 and arrived at Noggins Corner 8 minutes before they would close at 8. Got some tea biscuits and a bottle of water and some strawberries and finally drove home, arriving here around 9:10. It was a long 9 hours or so since we had left the house and returned to it. That is why I was so fatigued.

Today we just kinda hung out. Rested from the trip yesterday. Watched an HBO movie about Pancho Villa before deciding to turn in early. I only came down here to surf the web and bring you guys up to date.

I think I will now turn in. You all have a good evening. I will bark at you tomorrow.


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