Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Post 4036 - Tuesday Night Stuff

Well, hello again.

I have spent the last 90 minutes frigging around with the webcam on this here desktop. I am here in my home office, where the lighting is poor. The webcam could only capture poor video, which was choppy and out of sync. I decided to see what I could do about it. Many of the tips I found online spoke of using natural lighting and to be by an open window with the light behind the camera. Not doable in this room, so I got the brightest usb light I could find and shone it directly on the webcam, which helped quite a bit. I can now get serviceable video and audio, but it will likely not get much better.

I slept in this morning in a big time way. After lunch, Patricia and I went out on the back deck for a spell. She was reading a book while I dawdled for a spell. I ended up making a chicken dinner for us. She continued reading after the news was over and I cleared up some space on the PVR. I watched an episode of The Unxplained, a show about unexplained phenomena hosted by William Shatner. 

The Shat has been all over the media in the last couple of weeks defending his decision to be the host of a show on Russian television. He is not known for turning down any acting or hosting role presented to him, so this is not out of character for him. His lashing out at people who are critical of his decision is. I do not know what this means for the future of The Unxplained, but I guess it means it is toast.

One less thing to occupy my time.

We had planned to go for a drive today. Just an aimless wander in the car, with no destination in mind. But books and resting were more paramount today. Perhaps Wednesday.

Still thinking about moving out of the city. I do not want to spend the next 20 years thinking about it. By then we will be so old we will need every service the city has to provide. Best to do it as soon as possible if we do it at all. Advice is welcome.

I am going to turn in. Newbie is fixing me with a baleful eye, his default expression. 

You all have a good evening. Talk at ya tomorrow.


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