Friday, July 16, 2021

Post 4038 - Friday Night Things

 This one will be brief. I just had an online chat with an old friend that ran for a spell. It is now past one in the morning and I should probably turn in relatively soon.

Had a quiet day. Patricia had a coffee meeting thingy with a friend from her previous job, returning in time for me to go to my dentist appointment at four. The appointment was just scaling and cleaning thank goodness. After that, I walked across the street to the Timberlea Beverage Room.

The food was acceptable, which is all I can ever expect from the TBR. I had a burger, which fell apart as I ate it. Patricia had a steak, and said she liked it. The dessert of a chocolate peanut butter pie was terrific. Meal came to $65 plus tip. 

We go there from time to time. We won't be back any time soon. It is the only tavern in the area and it knows it. That is why everything about the place is just... acceptable. But it has its devotees and if they see this they may yell at me, so let's move on.

Returned home. Watched Jeopardy! The guest hosts are down to just one week each now, rather than two. That means that they record five shows in one day and then return to their day jobs. 

We watched the revival of "Leverage" this evening as well. It is fun, but I sure miss Timothy Hutton, who got #METOO'd last year, so they didn't have him back and killed off his character, although they did not say that he died. It was heavily implied, so I suppose they could bring him back. But you don't care, so why don't we move on?

Patricia has a two day course this weekend, so I will be batching it. I have taken a pound of hamburger out of the freezer and will cook something I want and frigging eat it and enjoy every morsel and that will be that with that. 

I think I will turn in now. Got lots to do in the morning, which it technically is now.

See you tomorrow.


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