Saturday, July 17, 2021

Post 4039 - Saturday Night Things

Ah. How was your day?

Patricia enjoyed the first day of her course. I hung back of course. Mowed the front lawn. Used the whipper snipper I got for five dollars last month to snip the weeds and grass in the back yard. I swear, it is the best five bucks I have spent in a long, long time. So much better than the other one I have had for years and years. Both the lawn mower and the whipper snipper are YardWorks, which is some kind of off-brand sold at Canadian Tire stores. I don't know who actually makes them, but they are good for what they are.

I also used the pound of hamburger I mentioned last night, to prepare some pasta with meat sauce. I watched "Master Chef: Legends" this week. The Italian chef guy on there says you should cook pasta in a pot with water that tastes like the ocean, so I resisted the urge to add old tires and tampon applicators to the water and put in plenty of salt instead. It helped a lot. I even put some of the pasta water in the meat sauce mixture, and I think it tasted even better.

It was just Spaghettini  from Sobeys purchased when it was on sale a few weeks ago. We stocked up like crazy. Each box was 88 cents, and I suppose I used about one third of a box today. The pasta sauce was on hand and purchased inexpensively when it was on sale. The hamburger was from a side of beef I purchased some time ago. I guess the meal cost about 8 dollars with the onions and mushrooms I used, and there is plenty left over for lunch on Sunday. I loved every bite of it.

I spent the afternoon finishing some laundry and doing the dishes and was about to throw some salmon on the barbecue for dinner when Patricia called and asked me not to cook it as she was still full from lunch. I put the salmon back in the fridge and surfed the web until she got home around 4:45. 

We watched some tv tonight. "Surreal Estate" is on Sci-Fi channel in Canada. I do not know if it is on American television yet. It stars Tim Rozon, late of "Schitt's Creek" and "Wynonna Earp" and probably a shampoo commercial or two, given the quality of his hair. It is fun and relatively smart and filmed in Newfoundland, so there is that. We will check out another episode or two and see where this thing is going.

We also watched a few episodes of "Schitt's Creek", because once again, we did not really fall prey to its many charms when it was first broadcast. It binges quite well on Netflix. We are nearly at the end of season two. I can now understand why people are so passionate about the show, and why it has had such acclaim. I do not understand, however, why they decided to shut down the show after a relatively short run. 

Patricia has to get up early for the second day of her rughooking course, and I promised to get up early and cook breakfast for her, so I think I will turn in.

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.




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