Sunday, July 18, 2021

Post 4040 - Sunday Night Slowdown

Well, hello there.

Another quiet day. I made brekky for Patricia, who left the house around 8:45 to go to her rug hooking course. I went back to bed and finally got up around 11.

Had the rest of yesterday's pasta for lunch. I don't want pasta for a while. Washed the dishes and came downstairs to tackle the recroom.

I went through I guess four boxes. Much of what I uncovered is either going to a thrift store or in the garbage, but I did find an old photo album with older family pictures. Keeping that for sure. And I found old back issues of The Beaver, Canada's history magazine. A friend and blog reader sent most of them to me several years ago. I was happy to find them again today. And I also found four of the five dvd collections of Looney Tunes cartoons. Bugs Bunny. Daffy Duck. All the others. And uncut with special features like audio commentaries. 

I don't know if these were ever issued in Blu-Ray or will make it to 4K or whatever the next iteration of digital technology will bring us, but it is nice to have these collections. They seldom broadcast these cartoons any more, and when they do, they are usually cut because some blue-rinsed, woke, pearl-clutching old biddies decided that it is offensive for Daffy Duck's beak to spin around on his face after he gets shot during hunting season. I never did anything more than laugh my rear end off at those cartoons when I was little, and an adult. I won't do anything more than that, now. Neither should you.

I don't even know if they did more than five of those collections, but I must have upwards of 200 of those cartoons now, which is pretty sweet. Will probably take those with me to the cottage this week. 

I am not sure what we will do on Monday. Tuesday night, we will be here to watch "America's Got Talent". Kateydayreick Katiereick, whom I always have known as Katie Day when she was on the radio and I interviewed her before she left town, swears she will be on this week, after a long and slow build up. She has a video where she cannot say how the audition goes, but she is smiling and urging people to tune and see for themselves. I think this means she will go through to the live shows. How that pans out beyond that, is anybody's guess.

Katie is a great person and vastly underrated as a radio personality and doesn't get her due as a blues singer either. She has been selling real estate for the last couple of years. 

Anyway, after we see "AGT" and rejoice in her success, we will pack things up and go to the cottage on Wednesday as things stand. Not sure how long we will stay. A week or so. We will figure it out.

I think I will turn in. 

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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