Thursday, July 22, 2021

Post 4042 - Before I Forget


I meant to write about this last night, because it happened last night. But things got away from me, like they always seem to.

So, it was about midnight last night, I decided to go out on the back deck to get some air. It was a cool, overcast night, and I was enjoying the air. Patricia called my name and I responded. Went on staring out at the night.

The next thing I knew, she was locking the sliding door to the deck! She didn't see me out there. I knocked on the door. She screamed and hollered and nearly fainted. She turned on the light and saw me, which made her become even more upset. A middle finger or two may have come up. 

A moment later, she let me back in. I reminded her that she had locked me out of my own house and, you know, not a good idea. She allowed that that perhaps it was a good idea to let her know I was outside, and I said I had told her that but she had not heard me. 

This went back and forth until we forgot what we were talking about and that was that. 

I had a vision of having to sleep outside, and being devoured by raccoons or maybe even a coyote roaming around. Perhaps a roving teenager would pounce upon me and steal my watch and glasses. But, no. Things worked out.

Like they usually do.

I am turning in. Don't want Patricia to think I left again.

See you tomorrow.


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