Monday, July 26, 2021

Post 4046 - Monday Night Ramblings

Well, here it is, past 12:30am, technically Tuesday morning.

I had a quiet day. We did not go to the cottage today. In a day or two, I guess. 

We watched some stuff on the telly. I made dinner, consisting of barbecued salmon, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. The potatoes I used, while purchased recently, were developing a fair amount of rot already. I don't know if that is characteristic of potatoes at Sobeys this summer or not. I am glad we only got a small bag of them.

I have the subject for my next cold case article. I just have to assemble my notes and write the thing. A hint as to its subject: I will incorporate a line or two from an email from the executive director of the Atlantic Jewish Council.

Over the weekend I put away the Frank Johnson notes and his service records and Vava's death certificate in the binder I keep for them. Yes. I have so many notes, and printed off so many copies of Stephen Kimber's murder-suicide pdf that I filled an actual binder! 

For those who care, I have seven binders in my home office full of notes about cases I have already written. There is another binder with notes about cases I need to research more and then write about.  And I have an "active" clipboard I got a church rummage sale a few years ago for about 25 cents, which has notes on cases I am actively working on. I carry it with me when I go to the archives or the library. I have a second, similar clipboard for when I do my occasional media interviews and podcast appearances. Let us not mention the dropbox cold case folder with thousands of documents in it, okay? Okay. We won't. 

Yeah. I know. A bit much, ennit?  

I am going to turn in. Long day, with not much accomplished. I like these days sometimes.

See you tomorrow.


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