Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Post 4048 - Wednesday Night Wanderings

It is all about the alliteration.

I did not wander anywhere, unless you count going out to get the mail, which is maybe 50 feet from my front door. I otherwise did not leave the property today. 

This means we have not gone to the cottage yet. The latest plan is to go on Friday, but that may change as well. We are retired and don't like to keep to a particular schedule, unless we have a meeting or something.

Because so many of you have asked: no, I still have not found any more of those delightful Model M keyboards out in the wild. It was pure happenstance, plain dumb luck, that I found this here one at that thrift store for 50 cents a couple of years ago. It was intact. No buttons missing. And working as beautifully now as it did when it was manufactured in 1989. I still go to thrift stores and look in the section that has old computer parts, because every thrift store has a section that sells old computer parts. I think it is the law.

I think part of the reason these keyboards are hard to come by around here is that people have got wise to their value and either sell them on ebay or whatever, or one of the many people who know what they're worth hoard them and sell them to people like me who want them, charging outrageous prices for the privilege. 

There is such a joy to typing on these keyboards. Takes me back to the 1980's when I used them all the time because there was no other type to use, unless you used one of those keyboards that came with those primitive laptops from the period. But, no, otherwise, you were using these clunky keyboards. These memories are tinged with bad times but plenty of good ones. 

The actual typing is a pleasure that is hard to describe to those who have not used such a keyboard. They use the crappy ones that come with desktop computers and which you can get for a couple of dollars in any store that sells used computer systems. People just think the new keyboards are the bomb, and have never had the experience of using an actual keyboard designed for typing on. 

Anyway, I am still looking for a couple good Model M keyboards. Let me know if you have anything like that on hand. You know how to reach me, but this is the best way

It is past one ayem. I think I will call it a night. Wanna get up sort of early to check out the Humani-T Cafe which is closing for good in a week.

See you tomorrow.



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