Thursday, July 29, 2021

Post 4049 - Thursday NIght Things

Hello again.

We had a decent day.

We went to Humani-T Cafe this morning. They close part of their business a week from Saturday but will wind down other aspects of the business during the month of August, maybe even into September. Patricia will really miss the place. 

They have been around in one form or another since 1986, when Supernatural Foods opened in Maritime Centre, lower level. They eventually opened a second location in the North End, where they are now, and years later consolidated the business there, closing the Maritime Centre store. It was hard to get to for customers, who increasingly did not want to go downtown to get their health food. There was also a place further down on Hollis Street called Mary Jane's Alternative Tastes, so perhaps the competition was not fun.

Along the way, they rebranded to Humani-T Cafe. 

We had a sandwich. Patricia had a spicy chicken. I had chicken pesto. I had an vanilla Italian soda. Patricia had some kind of latte I think it was. We shared a gelato. 

From there we drove over to the Salvation Army store on Strawberry Hill. I got a couple books including a copy of "Dutch Oven", a fairly well known cookbook of recipes from Lunenburg County. Also got a couple shirts and a couple pairs of walking shorts. 

We made our way to Bayer's Lake to the Chapters store. I got a mystery novel by Max Allan Collins, whose work I have been reading since the 1980's. I looked high and low for that new Dean Jobb book, only to learn that they are about the only place that does not have it in stock yet. They didn't even know the book existed until I brought it to their attention. The earlier Jobb book I told you about the other night, they said they couldn't keep in stores over the holidays as it was selling so well. They can't wait to get the new one. 

We returned home. Watched some telly. After the news was over I drove to the Guardian Drugs to get my migraine pill subscription renewed. They were busy so I will pick them up tomorrow. Returned home and mowed the front and back lawn, and then whipper snipped the places I couldn't reach by lawnmower. That five dollar whipper snipper is the best money I spent in a long time. Works absolutely great. 

I returned inside. We watched Jeopardy! LeVar Burton's week is nearly over. He is not the one for the full time job. Then we watched this week's "The Good Fight", which is as good as ever.

The plan is to go to the cottage either Friday or Saturday. Let's see if we can keep this promise.

I think I will turn in. You all have a good evening.

Talk at you tomorrow.




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