Friday, July 30, 2021

Post 4050 - Friday Night Philosophical Thoughts

 Another day down. Yay!

The long weekend is here. Double yay!

Except, every weekend is a long weekend to me. So, there is that.

It was a quiet day. I picked up some meds at the local Guardian Drugs after lunch. Noticed that gas had gone up over three cents over night. Good thing I filled the gas tank on Thursday, eh?

We watched some stuff on the PVR today. Then watched MIB:International, the 2019 attempt to reboot the Men in Black films. It started off promisingly, but about half way through it succumbed to the silliness and absurdity of the original films. It also bored us. We finished watching it because we are not quitters, but it is a couple hours of my life that are gone forever with nothing to show for it.

I just spent 30 minutes or so investigating a 1932 double murder in Glace Bay. I can find no proof that anyone was ever arrested for the murders. I guess I need to go to the archives soon and find out.  

It occurred to me just now that I should add a third category of cold cases. Right now, I have subfolders labelled "Published" and "Unpublished" for both unsolved murders and missing persons cases. I should add a subfolder of, say, "Abandoned" for cases that have since been resolved or for which little or no reasonable information can be found, or there just doesn't seem any point of continuing. 

For an example of what I mean, this week, a missing persons case from 1999 was all-but solved when the woman's body was found. Her name was Arlene McLean. I have a note on my written file from a few years ago that her son did not want to talk to me, and I did not feel it would be fair to just rehash the same stuff from the newspapers that had been published over and over. Plus, Yvonne Colbert did a pretty good piece on the radio a few years ago about missing persons cases and spoke to Arlene's son. I felt I could not add anything to the case unless I could speak to someone about it or some other compelling information crossed my desk. It was in my list of things to do, a list that grows larger and not smaller. 

The only mysteries now are how her body ended up where it did, the water, and why it took the CBC and other media to report this story, since I heard about it nearly two weeks ago. There is little else to investigate here, so I will probably just put it in this proposed "Abandoned" category, as there is no article to write here and it is inappropriate to keep it in the "unpublished" subfolder and it will never be a "published" article. I have already moved the McLean paper file to one of my cold case binders with proper documentation spelling out what happened. Because I am an anal person and need to have this stuff documented, even though I am the only one who reads this stuff.

You see the things I think about? Hmm?

It is nearly 1:30 in the morning. I think I will turn in. Might be going for a car drive on Saturday.

See you then.


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