Saturday, August 21, 2021

Post 4053 - A Week Later...

 Well, hello again, my friends.

Sorry that I haven't written in a week. We were both busy working the Nova Scotia elections over the past several days. We first heard about this opportunity when we went in to vote on August 12th. A friend was there who was also working the election and offered us a job as a Poll Supervisor. It meant that we would be in charge of a particular voting location. 

Not overwhelmed or anything, we attended a day long training on August 13th, from 9 in the morning until nearly 9:30 at night, when maybe 90 minutes off for lunch and dinner. Over the weekend we called the venue and the people who would be working with us. On the day before the election we went to the venue to check it out and started to set up tables and chairs. 

Election day itself, the 17th, we were on the go from five in the morning until 1 the following morning. We actually arrived at the venue at 6:30 and did not leave until nearly midnight, and then went to the district headquarters to debrief for another hour. 

Much of what we did, I cannot talk about as it is confidential. I can say though that election day was perhaps the busiest day I have had since I was in the throes of university, many years ago. Very little time to eat or drink water or even go to the washroom. Just go, go, go all day long. 

By the time we finally got home, around 1:20 on Wednesday morning, we were so tired, and sore and sweaty and hungry and parched, that it was difficult to get up the stairs. Finally turned in around 2.

Wednesday, we were so sore from having been on our feet all day, that we could barely walk. I actually considered using my father's old walking cane for a spell. 

Thursday, we were somewhat more ambulatory. Still sore.

Friday, we felt much better and considered going on a day trip, but the day got away from us.

And today, Saturday, we felt pretty good. Still didn't go anywhere or do too much. 

We will get paid for this work in the coming couple of weeks. It will not be life-altering money, but it will be a nice little bump, something to throw into my savings account, which has taken a beating in the last few months. 

Patricia kept saying she would never do this kind of job again, as it was too grueling for people of our advanced dotage. But I look back with some sense of exhilaration and accomplishment over August 17th. I did my small part to help keep democracy going. I appreciate the opportunity. And if something like this were offered to me again, I would at least consider it.

I would just wear better shoes next time.

I think I will turn in. Patricia is getting up relatively early in the morning and I promised to make us a nice breakfast. 

You all have a good night. See you tomorrow. I am well-rested and ready to resume regular blog posts!


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