Sunday, August 22, 2021

Post 4054 - Sunday Night Things

Hello again, my friends.

Sunday night. Hurricane Henri is supposed to hit our shores in a day or so, although that trajectory may change. That is why I decided to tackle applying a coat of stain to the front veranda, the side steps and the back deck. The deck was done a year ago and should be plenty seasoned by now, and accept a couple of coats.

I finished a rough coat on the veranda and then started on the side steps, which are attached to the post that holds the clothes line. The new colour we selected two weeks ago is not compatible with the long-ago choice I made to use a red wood semi transparent stain. It is yellowish on the brown pressure treated wood, and does not look awesome on the old redwood stain. Whatever. Functionality is where it is at.

I allocated one gallon of stain for the side steps. I had plenty left over so I stared to stain the back deck until the gallon was gone. I still have a few gallons of stain for a proper couple of coats on the back deck. Will start that on Monday, unless I decide to apply a second coat to the veranda. Not sure just yet. 

So, that was my day. Staining a bunch of wood. All the people who think I am privileged because I have a house and they don't, can go stuff it. I dropped hundreds of dollars on that stain a couple of weeks ago and hundreds more to get the house pressure washed. Gee, that bothers me more than it should. They are just jealous but will not admit it. 

Patricia bought a small green house today, one that will live comfortably in an upstairs bedroom and be useful for starter plants and the like. I helped her take it out of the car and get it in the house. I know better than to touch it on a go forward basis. 

I think I will turn in. I want to get up relatively early and resume my staining work.

See you tomorrow.


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