Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Post 4056 - A Day of Disappointment and Triumph

Why, hello there.

Tuesday was a day we planned to hit the road. And... we did. But the plans we made were not the best ones.

Let me explain. 

We headed out after 1pm, to drive to Windsor. We wanted to go to Haliburton House, where we had never been. Thomas Chandler Haliburton wrote the Sam Slick "sketches" in the 1840's or so. They were very popular in their day. Windsor had Sam Slick days for many years until some wokesters decided that they no longer fit with the times so it was quietly cancelled several years ago. The sketches themselves are written in a style that modern readers would find hard to get into. I sure do. Every time I have attempted to read one of those Sam Slick stories, I wake up hours later with Cheeto's dust on my shirt and the book on the floor. The thing is, I remember my Grade Six teacher going on about Sam Slick and Haliburton and it seems that I should read these tales and make an effort to like them. It will not happen.


We found Haliburton House in Windsor and discovered that the place is not open on Tuesdays. It is open Wednesday through Sunday 10-4pm. So we have to go back, soon.

Shand House is another museum in Windsor, but ditto for the hours. 


We drove to Reader's Haven in the downtown area, which was open. I got a couple of books that I hope to read someday. Hope. From there, we went to Lisa's Cafe not far from the bookstore, as the owner of the bookstore recommended it to us. Patricia had the clams and chips, and she loved them. I had the fish and chips, and I loved them. We started off with nachos which we very much enjoyed. Dessert was a chocolate pie. I asked and was told that every dessert is made from scratch in the cafe. The chocolate pie did not contain chocolate pudding from a box, but was made in the way that you would make chocolate pudding if you loved your children and had time on your hands.

Dinner was about $70 with tip. We will go back.

We returned to the city, learning that Charlie Watts from the Rolling Stones had died on the car radio, and went to the local Sobeys. Got some essentials. After we got home we learned that some Costco's and likely other stores are running out of toilet paper and other required items because of increasing fear of the Covid-19 Delta variant. We are homebodies of the highest order, so if necessary we will hunker down again. 

It is 11pm. I think I will turn in early. The barbecue guy will be here tomorrow morning to fix the small problem with the barbecue we got from them last year.

See you tomorrow.


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