Friday, August 27, 2021

Post 4059 - Friday Night Stuff

So, is there a gas shortage in Nova Scotia, or not? Some say yes. Some say no. We will find out Saturday morning when we try to leave here for a day trip.

How was your day? I went to the archives this afternoon to research a 1932 murder-suicide that has many of the signs of a double murder. The story abruptly left the pages of the local papers a month and a half after the event, and I can find no updates, which only adds to the mystery. Reading more and more about it, I am inclined to think that it is a double murder, and that the murderer got away with it.

Murderers not getting caught is not overly unusual. Many police departments wash their hands of a case once they have handed off a suspect to prosecutors, who may not meet their burden of proof so the suspect is found not guilty, even if he did do it. The police usually do not count these cases as unsolved because they did their job. This happens relatively often. 

A few cases I have written about have been all-but scrubbed out of existence because the suspect was found not guilty, or the charges were dropped, or whatever; and the police feel there is nothing else to do, so they don't do anything. Arnold "Smiley" Bailey is a prime example. His 1988 murder resulted in more than one trial and more than one suspect, both of whom were found not guilty. But you will not find Bailey's case in the list of unsolved murders, and it will never be a part of the Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program either. It is forgotten about. 

Much like the case I researched on Friday.

Anyway, we had salmon for dinner, and watched the last four episodes of "Clickbait" on Netflix. It is a pretty good whodunnit thriller, marred somewhat by the final episode, which did not play fair with the viewer. There was no realistic way for the viewer to figure out who killed the victim, so I felt a little cheated. You should see it for yourself and see if you agree.

And I must note that Rick Howe announced his retirement on News 95.7 on Friday morning. The news is not unexpected as he has been battling some illness; but it is still a sad day for fans of talk radio, of which there is far too little in Halifax. Rick built a good audience over quite a few years often with very little advertising. I will miss listening to him. His last day on the air is Friday, September 3rd. I will be recording it for posterity.

It is now 12:30 in the morning on Saturday. I think I will turn in. Plan to get up early and see if there is any gas to get.

See you tomorrow.




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