Thursday, September 30, 2021

Post 4078 - Thursday Night Frolics

Boy, is it ever late. Past two in the morning on October 1st.

We spent too many hours on Thursday watching the Netflix series "Midnight Mass". I do not want to give away too much of it. It is a horror series about a new priest who exerts his influence on a small town. Beyond that, you will just have to take my word for it and go along for the ride. It is just terrific.

I watch far more tv series than I do films these days. I am sure that filmmakers are all upset over this and wonder why; but there are plenty of good reasons. They mostly have to do with how even a limited series of, say, 6-10 episodes can focus on character and story in a way that no two hour film can. They may not have the budget of a film, but they can do far more in ways that are much more entertaining than most films are. "Midnight Mass" would never work as a two hour film. As a seven and a half hour limited series, it works terrifically well. 

I was just now thinking about how film critic Leonard Maltin fell all over himself praising a silent film from long ago. I think he was referring to 1919's "Wagon Tracks", and unless it shows up on a streaming service, unlikely, I may have to break down and get the blu-ray sometime. I hate acquiring things these days as I have a massive job ahead of me to downsize my stuff, and getting yet more things doesn't improve the situation. So, go ahead and talk me out of it. 

It is nearly 2:30. I am yawning like crazy, so I think I will turn in. Besides, Newbie is on my lap and is giving me that come hither look. So I guess I should... go thither.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Post 4077 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Say, this is known as post 4077, which is the number for the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on M*A*S*H*. That has to mean something, right?

Of course, this is post 4077 in title only. Several times over the years I lost track of the number of the post, and put the wrong number in the next post. A couple of weeks later, I would realize my mistake and try to course correct, to amusing results. 

I have considered dropping the number of the post in the post title, but I am so used to specifying the number of the post that it would somehow feel naked without it.  And after almost 14 years of writing this thing, it would somehow feel inappropriate to drop the number of the post in a post's title. You understand my dilemma, then.

So, how was your day? Mine was pretty quiet. We watched some stuff on the pvr. We ate dinner. We watched some live tv. 

And we learned the news of the death of local journo/activist Robert Devet. Patricia knew Robert from the years they worked together in the same government department. She thought the world of him. I had met him a few times over the years. We knew of each other as I worked in his field of endeavour as well. He was always cordial with me.

After his wife died suddenly, he kept working as a civil servant for a few years before he chose to retire and spend the rest of his days writing about the poor and downtrodden, giving a voice to those who do not have much of one in traditional media. His tone could be a bit too strident for my tastes, and I have never cared for the position that any one political party could corner the market in moral superiority, but he did the thing that he wanted to do, and did it well, and did it until a couple of days before his sudden death.

People on Twitter and Facebook are still absorbing this sad news. I am not alone in wondering what will happen to the Nova Scotia Advocate, whether Robert had any kind of succession plan, or whether it will die along with him, which would be nearly as tragic as his death. 

I know nothing about funeral plans. I will share them with you here when I find out.

Talk at you tomorrow.




Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Post 4076 - Tuesday Night Stuff

Late. Again.

I did not write on Monday. I am sorry about that. My sleep pattern was thrown off by a nap I took in the early evening after I got home from the Archives. I turned in early because I had to get up early on Tuesday to take Newbie to the vet. 

His appointment went well. I got him back in the afternoon and we watched some stuff on the pvr. 

Tonight we watched "Moonshine", the new CBC show set in Nova Scotia, and filmed in the Hubbards area. The first two episodes were pretty good, but tonight's was very strange, introducing some unusual family arrangements that are a little hard to parse. And then, out of the blue, they made a Goler family reference, which pulled me out of the show entirely.

Even today, nearly 40 years after the terrible events surrounding the family and what they did, this story is hot to touch. People told so-called Goler jokes as a way to cope with the stark reality of what they did, and whom they did it to. Those jokes are in such poor taste that I will not repeat them here, but they are not hard to find. 

It was an unusual choice to mention the Golers on a show shot in Nova Scotia, that takes place in Nova Scotia, and which is broadcast on a woke network like the CBC, which is afraid to say boo in case it offends ghosts. I can predict that there will be some kind of backlash, that someone will take offence and complain and the CBC will issue some apology and maybe go so far as to cancel the show, which is already filming its second season. 

They have done this kind of crazy thing before. They cancelled a show last year while the season was still running because the executive producer had lied about the extent of her Indigenous ancestry. The show was gone, even though it was pretty good and portrayed a largely Indigenous set of characters. 

Let's see what happens with "Moonshine".

I think I will turn in. I have to work on my next Frank article on Wednesday and prepare for a phone call in the afternoon.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Post 4075 - Sunday Night Good Times

Another day gone. Another day relaxing.

I could get used to this.

We watched some stuff on the PVR and a movie this afternoon. We had to watch "Dr. Death" by going back a few hours in the schedule and playing it that way, complete with commercials. They are not repeating the show during the week for some reason. 

I have a special appointment Monday afternoon. I have checked my notes and done my preliminary homework. 

Meanwhile, Patricia has an appointment in the afternoon as well. We will meet up after my own appointment and drive back home together.

What excitement we have in our lives!

I am calling this short. It is two in the morning and I need some shut eye.

See you tomorrow.




Saturday, September 25, 2021

Post 4074 - Saturday Night Stuff

Hello again, my lovelies.

How was your day?

I slept in, yet again. It is getting to be a habit. Not necessarily a bad habit. Just a habit. 

After a late breakfast, we parked in front of the tv and watched some stuff on the pvr. Mid-afternoon, I went outside and noted that the back deck was still a titch sticky from the work I did on Thursday, so I do not yet feel comfortable re-covering that area with the barbecue and other things. And while it did not rain on Saturday it is supposed to do so on Sunday, so like I said last night, it will likely be several days before I can finish that second coat of stain on the back deck. 

A friend wrote me on Facebook today asking me if I had any of the true crime books by Dean Jobb. I had the two books he sent me pictures of, plus the third one he produced years ago. As I told you last month or whatever it was, I also have the book he produced last year which reprinted articles from those three books. I do not yet have the second book which undoubtedly reprints more tales from those three books. To be an anal completist, I will likely get that book, too.

I have ordered, and they keep delaying the publication of, the book about long-ago Halifax police chief Nicholas Power. He was a detective with the Halifax police for decades and was appointed chief in early 1906 with the understanding that it was to be just a temporary arrangement. He would be a "caretaker" Chief of Police while they looked around for a permanent Chief. Which is something that happens all the time. There are people in "acting" positions constantly. Folks who do a job while the permanent position is being filled. The person acting in the role may elect to apply for the permanent one, or not. But since Nicholas Power was in his sixties at the time of his appointment, nobody thought it would be something that would last very long. And it did not. Barely 18 months into the job, he was gone and replaced by the man who would do it for years.

Power's career is problematic as they say these days. He made plenty of mistakes, and I have pointed out a few in my cold case series articles in which he played a part. I think that Benjamin Trefry would have been found, dead of course, if Power had asked the right people the right questions. The Stetka family in 1906 would have been correctly characterized as murdered if a competent police detective had been appointed to the case, rather than Nick. I could go on. I look forward to Bob Gordon's book finally being published. Hey, maybe my editor at Frank will agree to let me write a review of the book in Frank. If not, I will write one here.

I do not know how much research Bob Gordon did for this book. Probably a whole lot. I do not know whether he found, as I did, a thesis someone write years ago about Nicholas Power's time at the Halifax police. We will have to wait and see.

I think I will call it a night. It is past 1:30 on Sunday morning. Need a bit of shut eye.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, September 24, 2021

Post 4073 - Friday NIght Good Times

Well, hello there.

Patricia had a thing today and left the house early to attend to it. It was a day-long course about some facet of rug hooking. She almost didn't get into the course, only finding out about it late Thursday night. Turns out there was a last minute cancellation and they had room for her. 

I hung back and did the dishes and cooked dinner and watched some stuff on the pvr. It was a pretty quiet day over all. I like those kinds of days.

The back deck is still a bit sticky from where I applied the second coat of stain on Thursday, so I did not feel comfortable moving the barbecue and other things back so I could tackle the rest of the deck. And it is supposed to rain on Saturday so I may not get a chance to do the rest of the deck for several days. 

I am not sure what we have on tap for Saturday just yet. If it is not raining too hard we may do another day trip. Otherwise, we may just stay put. 

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 23, 2021

Post 4072 - Thursday Night Almost Friday Morning

Late. Nearly two am.

I did not write on Wednesday because we did a whirlwind trip to Pictou County and we got back late and we were tired. 

Patricia had to go to pick up a thingy she purchased from a woman on Marketplace. Something to do with wool. I don't understand what its purpose is so please do not ask.

From there, we went into River John to the library, where we chilled for a little while. We heard that the librarian would take your vaccination card that you can print from the Department of Health website, and laminate it for you at no cost. We still made a donation to the library for this excellent service. We both know have a lovely laminated card that indicates that we are double vaxxed. Yay.

We went to the cottage for a little while to check the place out. They're doing construction up the lane. Whether they're building permanent housing or those stupid short term rentals we do not know. We just know that some jackass was blocking the lane and we had to drive on the grass to get to our destination, and to leave. Super considerate guy, that.

We drove into Pictou and had dinner at the Marina Bar and Grill along the waterfront. I don't know if it is my imagination, or I am becoming ever tighter with money, or what it is; I just know that restaurant food is not the quality, or quantity, it once was. I had two fish cakes with baked beans and a dollop of chow for nearly $15. The fish cakes were bland. Patricia had two tasteless fish tacos with fries that were not worth the money either. The cheesecake we had for dessert was acceptable. The bill with tax and gratuity was about $70, and I can think of better things to do with that kind of money. I could have made better fish cakes. Fish tacos are not a difficult thing to prepare, either; and it would not have killed them to put some seasoning in the mix. 

We filled up the gas tank and drove home, arriving here around 8:30. We turned in after we played back the news announcing that Steve Murphy was going to retire at the end of November. 

Today, I applied a second coat of stain to half the back deck, and began to stain the side of the privacy panel that faces our neighbours. The deck cost me quite a bit of money and I want to make sure it lasts for a long time, even if we are not living here to enjoy it. Not trying to start a rumour. We are not moving any time soon. Just sayin' that we would not say no to a place that has the amenities we both want. 

In a few days, after I am confident that the stain has dried, I will move the barbecue back to its proper location on the deck, and apply the second coat of stain to the area where the barbecue has been resting for the last 10 days or so. The whole deck will have had two coats of stain. I'll also stain the other part of the privacy panel facing the neighbours. There should be just enough stain to complete this task. 

We are not sure what is on tap on Friday. Late this evening, Patricia sprang the possibility of a road trip early on Friday morning. I will likely just stay here for the day. Long story.

After two in the morning. Think I will load up my CPAP with distilled water and turn in.

See you tomorrow.




Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Post 4071 - Tuesday Night AMA

Well, hello there.

A day spent not doing much. Shame on me. I did do some background research for a potential new entry in my cold case series. I briefly spoke to someone I was told would be a good source for information. He called me back and told me that I was misinformed, that he did not actually know the subject of my story. They were just acquaintances. Sigh and double sigh.

I contacted another source who has been helpful in the past for other stories. He gave me some information and asked me to contact him again in a bit to see if he can get me in touch with someone who knew the subject of this story. We will see how that plays out.

People ask me how I develop sources. If I knew, I would have more sources. My editor doesn't even like me to use the word "source" as much as I do as it is a specialized term for a person who provides key insights and information into the subject at hand. I was using the word indiscriminately apparently. I don't really understand.

But to answer your question, I am lucky enough to know quite a few people who work in quite a few disparate fields. They trust me not to give out their names or reveal anything that might identify them, so they are generous with telling me things. 

Sometimes, as a result of working on a cold case article, other people will contact me with additional information that can result in a follow up piece on the same subject. That has happened a few times now. For example, when I wrote articles about the Michael Resk murder this past Winter, naming the man who, uh, likely had some information about who had killed him, something happened that had not happened before in the history of this very old murder: the man's adult children started contacting me, confirming my information and providing more. I promised not to name them, and I won't; but their information was very helpful in keeping this story alive with fresh information about the case, and even a picture of Michael Resk that had never been published anywhere else. I even got his autopsy report. 

All these years, the family had kept quiet about their father's murder, and I had long wondered why. His wife Annie had occasionally been interviewed over the years, most notably for a 1991 series in the Daily News about unsolved murders, but otherwise, very little from the family. I got lucky. 

As a result of their information, certain other "facts" began to make more sense to me, like just why the police were so downright outspoken on that old episode of the Hotline when they said what they did about Michael Resk and what kind of guy he was. When you take into account what I found out, from the family and other places, I can see why the police were saying what they were saying. I will leave it at that. Go read the articles yourself and you will see what I mean.

So, that is how I develop sources, or whatever I am supposed to call them. Oftentimes, it is through people I already know. Other times, it is just pure luck. In any case, I do not take them for granted. I appreciate them and will guard their identities with my life.

And, say, if you know anything about any Nova Scotia based unsolved murder or missing persons case, feel free to contact me right here. I guarantee anonymity if you ask for it. 

That's it for tonight. I have an early-ish morning appointment, and it is nearly 1:30, so I guess I should turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 20, 2021

Post 4070 - Monday Night Stuff

 Why, hello there.

I don't get headaches nearly as much as I used to. Time was, a migraine would knock me on my rear end for at least 24 hours. I might work, but I'd get home and go to bed and perhaps feel human again the next day. Years ago, my doctor prescribed a miracle drug that "washes" the headache away. 

But sometimes those headaches fell me anyway. I don't get the pill in time, and I am down for the count.

That happened on Monday. I awoke with a headache. I took one of those pills I just told you about. And I went back to bed, only getting up long enough to eat something before taking another long nap.

This evening I watched some of the election plus some stuff on the pvr. In the morning, things are fluid, but we may do a day trip somewhere. Not sure just yet. 

My editor sent me some information today  about the death of someone that I am investigating for a potential upcoming article in my cold case series. I am trying to track down someone who can speak to me about this person. We will see how that pans out in the next day or two.

Since I didn't do much today there is not much to write about. I think I will turn in and try to get back to a more normal schedule on Tuesday.

See you then.


Sunday, September 19, 2021

Post 4069 - And Another Thing

Forgot to mention...

Saturday morning we went to the sell off of costumes and things from a locally-produced tv show called The Sinner. Season Four was shot here earlier this year, and there will not be a season five. Which is fine, because I don't think we made it through half of season one. But I digress.

Things were priced to sell, more or less. I did not want to pay 30 dollars for rubber boots, but I did see the following: 

Yep. Sixteen led bulbs. The equivalent of 40 watts each, but only using about 4.3 watts of power. I got them for a total of $16, and they threw in the box.

There were originally 54 bulbs in the box, and there were quite a few when I first wandered over and took four of them. I soon returned and discovered that there were fewer still, so I took the other 12, for a total of 16. I paid the man, and chatted with him. 

I don't know about you, but LED bulbs are not the be all and end all of the green economy. They cost quite a bit more to purchase. While they use far less energy than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, there is poor quality control on many brands of them. The store brand ones from Canadian Tire are horrid. Expensive, and burn out in short order. Been "burned" on them many times. Others are not "dimmable", so they're not suitable in those "eyes" that react to the sun going down and activate the light. Others still start off fine, but inexplicably stop working after a few months, long before their financial break even is achieved.

These ones are from Ikea. I do not know how good they are. The equivalent of 40 watts is not a good reading light, but suitable for an outdoor light or a hall way light or something. I do not need 16 of them unless they are all garbage and burn out by the holidays, in which case I will have wasted $16. After the money spent on the coffee maker and carafes today, I will have squandered far more than I should have.

We will see.

Or, maybe, I will mail out a few as Christmas presents.

See you tomorrow.


Post 4068 - Sunday Night Fun Times

And it is two days later, and pretty late.

The highlight of the day was that the carafe broke on the coffee maker just as I was about to make a batch. We drove to the local Value Village and got another carafe for five dollars, but it did not "align" with the basket on the coffee maker, and coffee did not make it to the carafe. The coffee maker backed up and made a hell of a mess, which I cleaned up but wasn't happy about. 

A look on Marketplace showed that a woman was selling another Sunbeam coffeemaker for 12 dollars, so we picked it up and brought it home. Seems to work fine, but I placed the carafe under the old Sunbeam coffeemaker, and it works even better. It cost me nearly 20 dollars, but I have a carafe in the coffeemaker again. Cause for celebration, that.

I did not have any time this weekend to apply a second coat of stain to the back deck. Hoping to get to that soon. As a commenter noted, there was a time when you could buy a type of stain for a deck that did not require for the wood to be "seasoned" first. Now, you have to wait a year or more and watch the wood get all gray and, well, seasoned before deciding what colour semi transparent stain to apply to the thing. 

I mean, you could just let the wood go au natural and not apply anything to it. It is pressure treated so it would last a while. But it cost me a pile of money last year and I want to preserve the deck for as long as possible. 

I must be getting old. Worrying about wood and wood preservative products. I have become my father.

On that note, I think I will turn in. My schedule is loosening up this week, but I have to be prepared for some things that might come up suddenly.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, September 17, 2021

Post 4067 - Friday NIght Frolics

Well, hello there, handsome.

Another Friday night. Back when I was working, a Friday night would be so welcome. It would come at the end of another long work week, and during the height of my untreated sleep apnea, I would often collapse in bed at 7 or 7:30 and be down for the night. Now, at this late hour, I still feel relatively fresh and alert. 

I am sorry I did not write on Thursday. The day got away from me. I wish I could account for what happened, but all I remember is that I took one of my infrequent mid-afternoon naps. I was a little groggy when I got up and turned in relatively early. 

Today we did not go anywhere. I did finish the first coat of stain on the back deck, and the side of the privacy panel facing us. I will do the other side of the privacy panel, facing my neighbour's, in a few days. I will also do a second coat of stain on the back deck in the coming days. 

I was told to let the wood "season" a year ago when we first got the deck built. It has been looking a big peaked in the last couple of months, and I really felt I should get around to treating it, so I got to it in the last several days. I have applied several coats to the steps, along with the single coat to the rest of the deck along with the railing. I have one gallon of the stain left and will use it next week.

When I was younger I wondered what the big deal was with preserving wood. Dad would maybe use some varnish on something but would otherwise leave it alone. But as I have grown more... let's go with mature... I have found that preserving wood with a good semi-transparent stain makes wood pop and just looks so very much better. I think Dad would approve.

Saturday beckons. I am not sure what we will do just yet. The Archives are back to being open on Saturday again. There is a thing in Tatamagouche. The Valley is always there. So much to do, and only so many leisure hours in the day. 

You all have a good evening. Talk at you on Saturday.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Post 4066 - A Busy Day


A busy day, as the blog title says. Let me tell you about it.

We drove from here to the Homestead Cheese Factory store in Aylesford, using the route suggested to us by google maps on Patricia's phone. A more roundabout route, I daresay, could not be devised if one tried to. But we got there, and got some cheese and pitted black olives and some other things. From there, we drove to Berwick to get a big five pound bag of North Mountain Columbia coffee, probably our fave. From there we drove to Canning to the meat market and the grocery store. We filled up our insulated bags with goodies before trying to have dinner at Crystany's Brasserie, only to discover they are closed on Wednesdays. So we had dinner at the Applewood restaurant in New Minas

We got home something after 7pm. Newbie was tapping his paw on the floor and looking at the watch we got him for his birthday last year, wondering aloud where we had been all that time because we were late feeding him and cleaning out his litter box. We apologized and settled in for the evening.

The freezer is full again. The fridge is in a similar situation. 

It was a pretty good day, and like I said, a busy day. I don't know what Thursday will bring, yet, but I intend to find out.

Sorry this is so short. Long day. 

See you tomorrow.



Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Post 4065 - Follow Up

OK. I was wrong. Neptune Theatre is where the Finding Kenley documentary series will play in late October. It was partially rebranded as Scotiabank Neptune Theatre or some such. 


Today, I spent a couple of hours staining the back deck. I used about two thirds of a can of the semi-transparent stain that looks pretty good when it is dry, but looks anything but when it is wet. I hope to resume staining the deck either on Wednesday or Thursday. By then, what I did on Tuesday will be nice and dry so I can move the barbecue over to that spot and stain the area where the barbecue normally resides. I don't want any left over stain, so I will lay it on extra thick where people walk, as I always do.

On Wednesday we may do a day trip to Aylesford. Not sure just yet.

The lives we lead! Such excitement and drama. 

Time for beddy bye. 

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, September 12, 2021

Post 4064 - Missing Persons Documentary Series

One of the problems with not writing a blog post every single day (sorry about that!) is that sometimes an interesting update occurs and by the time I get around to writing about it here, I have forgotten about it. Earlier tonight though, I saw a tweet about the subject I am going to take a few paragraphs to write about. 

Kenley Matheson. Allan Kenley Matheson, to be exact, although he went by Kenley. He went missing from Wolfville on September 21, 1992. I did an article about the disappearance in my Frank cold case series, and it made the cover of the magazine, so there is that.

I did not know a whole bunch about the case. Just what I had read and the few things I had heard. But I certainly did know that a man named Ron Lamothe had done an online fundraising campaign to get enough money to do a documentary film about Kenley and what happened to him. That was back in 2013, nearly 8 full years ago. Sorry: "eight" because I am supposed to write out numbers less than 11 for the magazine, and the habit stays with me when I write something else.

I contacted Ron to see how the movie was going, probably four years ago now. He did not tell me much, as he had devoted years of his life to the story up to then, and was not finished by any means. But he thought of me and my offer to help him in any way by even writing an article for the magazine about, uh, certain things that had been hampering his production, shall we say. 

Back in I guess it was the Fall of 2017, he wrote me out of the blue and asked if he could interview me for the film, which he said then might become a multi-part documentary series along the lines of any of those true crime long form shows you see on Netflix when your spouse is out of town.

We agreed to meet in Wolfville at a particular location at a particular time. I was ushered up to the recording room/studio in a downtown location. I removed my glasses because Ron feared that the glare they gave off would be disruptive to the filming process. And he asked me some questions about Kenley and what had happened, and because I signed an NDA, I really can't get too much into what I was asked and what I said. 

After the recording, he and his producer and Patricia and I had lunch at Paddy's Pub. It was a pleasant enough lunch, but it was understood without having to say it, that we would not speak too much of the film/series. 

I saw Ron one more time after that, in Wolfville, probably a year later. I had to remind him who I was and he was clearly off to something else so it was a brief encounter.

I and probably a whole bunch of other people spent the last bunch of years wondering when this series would be over. Imagine my surprise when I got the following email on September 3rd:

Seven weeks from today is the world premiere of Missing Kenley!  

Ten years in the making—and now a 5-episode investigative docuseries, the first-ever screening of Missing Kenley will take place in Halifax, Nova Scotia, at the Neptune Scotiabank Stage Theatre on October 22nd & 23rd.  

The release will be a two-night special event:  on Friday, October 22nd, we will show episodes 1–3 (with an intermission between episodes 2 & 3); and on Saturday, October 23rd, we will show episodes 4 & 5 (with a Q&A and reception following the screening).  Tickets will be available for purchase beginning in late September via the Neptune Theatre online box office.  

We will also be bringing the film to Wolfville, Nova Scotia—where Kenley's disappearance took place in 1992 and the home of Acadia University—the following weekend (10/29 & 10/30) for a similar two-night event.  This will take place at the historic Al Whittle Theatre on Main Street in downtown Wolfville.  Information on ticket sales for this event will be provided in the weeks to come.  

Right now we are very hopeful that Nova Scotia will enter Phase 5 of its COVID reopening plan on September 15th and that we will be able to hold these events at full seating capacity.  However, if Phase 5 is not achieved or the border between the USA and Canada closes, these screenings may have to be postponed.  

In any case, I am so excited to share this (long awaited, I know) news with all of you and look forward to seeing many of you in Halifax and/or Wolfville come October!

As for the film's broader distribution, what we can tell you now is that the worldwide rights for the series are being represented by the Toronto-based film sales agent SYNDICADO FILM SALES.  It is their intention to make Missing Kenley available as broadly as possible via a major streaming service or the CBC, with hopes of a 2022 online release and/or broadcast.  I will make that information available to everyone as soon as I am able.

In the meantime, you may be interested in taking a look at the Missing Kenley website ( or following our Missing Kenley Twitter (@MissingKenley) and/or FB page.  I will launch its Twitter feed this Sunday (9/5), the same date that 29 years ago Kenley and Kayrene left for Acadia.  I will be starting the FB page back up on that day as well.  And I intend to release the film's trailer online on September 21st—the anniversary date of Kenley's 1992 disappearance.  

Thanks again to so many of you who either participated in the making of the series or donated to its Kickstarter campaign all those years ago!  Without you this film could not have been made!


Ron Lamothe

producer-director of Missing Kenley

I am not sure what he means by the "Neptune Scotiabank Theatre". Neptune Theatre was a movie palace many years ago, but I am inclined to think he means the theatres in Bayer's Lake, not far from Casa Bevboy. I must ask him.

I did write him, and he told me that I appear in the series "several times", so whatever the hell I said was sufficiently interesting to him and his editor that they decided to use a portion of it. We will have to see.

I do hope that you decide to check out this series, either when it plays in theatres in Halifax or Al Whittle in Wolfville. I plan to go. 

By the way, after I did the interview with Ron and Emily a few years ago, I did hear a few more things about Kenley. It will be very interesting to see if what I heard, not reported in my article as I heard this stuff later on, turns out to be along the lines of what Ron has found out over the last decade(8 eight years since the fund raiser) he has been working on this. 

I write these cold case articles, and for the most part, I move on to the next one; but sometimes, they take a hold of me and do not let go. I can name several cases that have kept me awake at night as I pondered what might have happened, why, and even how.  I am not sure what has caused Ron to devote so many years of his life on this side project, when being a university professor should have been enough for anyone to handle, but I respect him for doing it. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

So should you.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Post 4063 - Wednesday Night Ramblings

Why, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written lately. Most nights, I collapse and that is that with that. 

On Friday we did drive to Petite Riviere. Patricia picked up her winnings at the rug hooking place. Then, we went to the winery up the street, and had a singularly unpleasant experience.

There was a wedding party there. They should have closed the place down for this private event, but out of a sense of... greed, I guess... they let us in. Patricia sampled some wines and bought two bottles. And then, they all but booted us out of there. We were there perhaps 20 minutes, which I think was 18 minutes longer than they wanted us there. We won't be back. There are lots of wineries in this province, likely too many, and we will check out the ones that actually want us to visit and hang out for a bit. A winery practically demands the type of slow down and smell the coffee/wine or whatever. Any winery that makes you feel like you're imposing on them by being there, is not a place we need to be.

We left in a bit of a huff and returned to the highway, checking out a store that sells a lot of used items. I found for $1.50 a book based upon the old "Hollywood" documentary series about silent films. A nice hardcover book with tons of photographs of old timey movies and stars. The thing is, I had no idea this book existed until Friday afternoon, and to find it in this store in Hebbville was a surprise unto itself. 

Kevin Brownlow, the mastermind behind the documentary series, which may yet be on YouTube, also produced this companion book. He also produced other documentary series and other books about the silent film era. The best known is "The Parade's Gone By", which I ordered on... abebooks or maybe Amazon quite a few years ago. I actually have nearly two copies of it. The first copy I got had a couple of pages missing, so I wrote them and they sent me another one for free. I forget which copy has the missing pages so I kept both copies. 

You really should seek out "Hollywood". If I ever get my Plex Server up and working again, it is on there, and you can watch it that way. 

We concluded the day by having an early dinner at the Blarney Stone Cafe. I had the seafood platter. Patricia had the porkchops. Everything was fine. We will go back there, some day.

The weekend went by quietly. Labour Day weekends are not the same now that I am all-but retired, but I still reflected on my working years and did my very best to think about the positive things that happened to me, and not the times when I was treated like garbage by people who learned their management techniques from Attila the Hun. I mostly succeeded.

Tuesday was the return to school. We live by one, and people delight in blocking driveways including ours and just by being boorish. But two days into it, we can report there is a bit less of that this year. I am confident it will return.

We drove to Kearney Lake Road on Wednesday afternoon. And in the morning we will go to the fish truck guy in Bayer's Lake, as he may have some cod in stock. If he does, we will get some and have a nice cod dinner. We like haddock a lot, too; but there is something about the taste and texture of cod that lingers with us in a very pleasant way. 

It is past 1 in the morning on Thursday. I think I will turn in. 

Talk at you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 2, 2021

Post 4062 - Thursday Things

 Well, hello again.

It rained most of the day, so I did not take the advice people gave me about mowing the lawn, front one day, and back on another day. Instead, I just watched it rain and rain and rain some more, and observe the grass seeming to grow ever longer. If the lawn ever dries up, I will tax my little piss pot electric lawn mower to its maximum 8 amps and beyond. 

We did go out today to get some groceries. Filled the gas tank as gas is supposed to go up Thursday night by several cents a litre. Returned home and I cooked some fish for dinner. 

Tonight we watched some stuff on the PVR including the season ender of The Good Fight. The show gets better and more eclectic every season, and this was no exception. 

Friday will be an interesting day in Halifax radio. After nearly 50 years working in the medium, Rick Howe is retiring. I have been listening to Rick for decades now. I proposed to Patricia on his old Hotline show years ago (she said yes). He graciously had me on the air discussing cold cases, twice, in 2020. 

I will miss listening to him. Todd Veinotte says he will be the "interim" host of the show, which leads me to think that Rogers has not made a decision yet as to who the permanent host will be. I don't know if they will spend some money and get a NAME to be the host or if they will look at Todd and give him the okay to continue. Maybe Norma Lee MacLeod, retired from the CBC for the last few years, will get a phone call and an invitation to try out. I don't know. 

I just know that I will miss listening to Rick. Enjoy your retirement, sir.

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Post 4061 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Why, hello there, handsome.

A day and a half later, and a dollar shorter, I am back.

I wish I could say I had done hell and all in the last day and a half, but such would not be the case. I really must develop more structure now that I am retired. 

A few years ago I attended a party at work for someone who was retiring or had a birthday or didn't have a birthday, or wasn't retiring, or whatever it was; but a guy I had worked with and who had retired attended that event. He loved retirement as much as he had hated his job, which was quite a bit. He said something that I have never forgotten, which was that if he did not feel like mowing his lawn today, he would just mow it tomorrow and that would be that with that. 

I know where he is coming from. The lawn, front and back, is getting shaggy. I really must tackle it. I have only applied one coat of semi-transparent stain to the front veranda, and should do the second one, as I have a second can of the stuff waiting to be deployed. I should then take on the duty of staining the back deck, which has never been done, before we lose the season and it becomes unreasonable to do the job. I don't want another season to slip away without this being done, as it cost me a lot of money a year ago to have the deck built. I have to protect my investment. 

But, I keep putting it off.

My friend may not have known it, but he was speaking to me metaphorically a few years ago as much as he was speaking literally. I must develop a bit more structure to my life, which allows me to mow that lawn tomorrow, but not the day after tomorrow, if you catch my drift. Procrastination can be fun, but not to the point where I destroy my infrastructure or am left with a lawn that my little piss pot lawnmower cannot handle. I don't want that situation.

So, let's get up a bit earlier on Thursday and maybe do that lawn or stain that deck. 



See you tomorrow.