Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Post 4061 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Why, hello there, handsome.

A day and a half later, and a dollar shorter, I am back.

I wish I could say I had done hell and all in the last day and a half, but such would not be the case. I really must develop more structure now that I am retired. 

A few years ago I attended a party at work for someone who was retiring or had a birthday or didn't have a birthday, or wasn't retiring, or whatever it was; but a guy I had worked with and who had retired attended that event. He loved retirement as much as he had hated his job, which was quite a bit. He said something that I have never forgotten, which was that if he did not feel like mowing his lawn today, he would just mow it tomorrow and that would be that with that. 

I know where he is coming from. The lawn, front and back, is getting shaggy. I really must tackle it. I have only applied one coat of semi-transparent stain to the front veranda, and should do the second one, as I have a second can of the stuff waiting to be deployed. I should then take on the duty of staining the back deck, which has never been done, before we lose the season and it becomes unreasonable to do the job. I don't want another season to slip away without this being done, as it cost me a lot of money a year ago to have the deck built. I have to protect my investment. 

But, I keep putting it off.

My friend may not have known it, but he was speaking to me metaphorically a few years ago as much as he was speaking literally. I must develop a bit more structure to my life, which allows me to mow that lawn tomorrow, but not the day after tomorrow, if you catch my drift. Procrastination can be fun, but not to the point where I destroy my infrastructure or am left with a lawn that my little piss pot lawnmower cannot handle. I don't want that situation.

So, let's get up a bit earlier on Thursday and maybe do that lawn or stain that deck. 



See you tomorrow.


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