Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Post 4063 - Wednesday Night Ramblings

Why, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written lately. Most nights, I collapse and that is that with that. 

On Friday we did drive to Petite Riviere. Patricia picked up her winnings at the rug hooking place. Then, we went to the winery up the street, and had a singularly unpleasant experience.

There was a wedding party there. They should have closed the place down for this private event, but out of a sense of... greed, I guess... they let us in. Patricia sampled some wines and bought two bottles. And then, they all but booted us out of there. We were there perhaps 20 minutes, which I think was 18 minutes longer than they wanted us there. We won't be back. There are lots of wineries in this province, likely too many, and we will check out the ones that actually want us to visit and hang out for a bit. A winery practically demands the type of slow down and smell the coffee/wine or whatever. Any winery that makes you feel like you're imposing on them by being there, is not a place we need to be.

We left in a bit of a huff and returned to the highway, checking out a store that sells a lot of used items. I found for $1.50 a book based upon the old "Hollywood" documentary series about silent films. A nice hardcover book with tons of photographs of old timey movies and stars. The thing is, I had no idea this book existed until Friday afternoon, and to find it in this store in Hebbville was a surprise unto itself. 

Kevin Brownlow, the mastermind behind the documentary series, which may yet be on YouTube, also produced this companion book. He also produced other documentary series and other books about the silent film era. The best known is "The Parade's Gone By", which I ordered on... abebooks or maybe Amazon quite a few years ago. I actually have nearly two copies of it. The first copy I got had a couple of pages missing, so I wrote them and they sent me another one for free. I forget which copy has the missing pages so I kept both copies. 

You really should seek out "Hollywood". If I ever get my Plex Server up and working again, it is on there, and you can watch it that way. 

We concluded the day by having an early dinner at the Blarney Stone Cafe. I had the seafood platter. Patricia had the porkchops. Everything was fine. We will go back there, some day.

The weekend went by quietly. Labour Day weekends are not the same now that I am all-but retired, but I still reflected on my working years and did my very best to think about the positive things that happened to me, and not the times when I was treated like garbage by people who learned their management techniques from Attila the Hun. I mostly succeeded.

Tuesday was the return to school. We live by one, and people delight in blocking driveways including ours and just by being boorish. But two days into it, we can report there is a bit less of that this year. I am confident it will return.

We drove to Kearney Lake Road on Wednesday afternoon. And in the morning we will go to the fish truck guy in Bayer's Lake, as he may have some cod in stock. If he does, we will get some and have a nice cod dinner. We like haddock a lot, too; but there is something about the taste and texture of cod that lingers with us in a very pleasant way. 

It is past 1 in the morning on Thursday. I think I will turn in. 

Talk at you tomorrow.


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