Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Post 4065 - Follow Up

OK. I was wrong. Neptune Theatre is where the Finding Kenley documentary series will play in late October. It was partially rebranded as Scotiabank Neptune Theatre or some such. 


Today, I spent a couple of hours staining the back deck. I used about two thirds of a can of the semi-transparent stain that looks pretty good when it is dry, but looks anything but when it is wet. I hope to resume staining the deck either on Wednesday or Thursday. By then, what I did on Tuesday will be nice and dry so I can move the barbecue over to that spot and stain the area where the barbecue normally resides. I don't want any left over stain, so I will lay it on extra thick where people walk, as I always do.

On Wednesday we may do a day trip to Aylesford. Not sure just yet.

The lives we lead! Such excitement and drama. 

Time for beddy bye. 

See you tomorrow.


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