Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Post 4066 - A Busy Day


A busy day, as the blog title says. Let me tell you about it.

We drove from here to the Homestead Cheese Factory store in Aylesford, using the route suggested to us by google maps on Patricia's phone. A more roundabout route, I daresay, could not be devised if one tried to. But we got there, and got some cheese and pitted black olives and some other things. From there, we drove to Berwick to get a big five pound bag of North Mountain Columbia coffee, probably our fave. From there we drove to Canning to the meat market and the grocery store. We filled up our insulated bags with goodies before trying to have dinner at Crystany's Brasserie, only to discover they are closed on Wednesdays. So we had dinner at the Applewood restaurant in New Minas

We got home something after 7pm. Newbie was tapping his paw on the floor and looking at the watch we got him for his birthday last year, wondering aloud where we had been all that time because we were late feeding him and cleaning out his litter box. We apologized and settled in for the evening.

The freezer is full again. The fridge is in a similar situation. 

It was a pretty good day, and like I said, a busy day. I don't know what Thursday will bring, yet, but I intend to find out.

Sorry this is so short. Long day. 

See you tomorrow.



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