Friday, September 17, 2021

Post 4067 - Friday NIght Frolics

Well, hello there, handsome.

Another Friday night. Back when I was working, a Friday night would be so welcome. It would come at the end of another long work week, and during the height of my untreated sleep apnea, I would often collapse in bed at 7 or 7:30 and be down for the night. Now, at this late hour, I still feel relatively fresh and alert. 

I am sorry I did not write on Thursday. The day got away from me. I wish I could account for what happened, but all I remember is that I took one of my infrequent mid-afternoon naps. I was a little groggy when I got up and turned in relatively early. 

Today we did not go anywhere. I did finish the first coat of stain on the back deck, and the side of the privacy panel facing us. I will do the other side of the privacy panel, facing my neighbour's, in a few days. I will also do a second coat of stain on the back deck in the coming days. 

I was told to let the wood "season" a year ago when we first got the deck built. It has been looking a big peaked in the last couple of months, and I really felt I should get around to treating it, so I got to it in the last several days. I have applied several coats to the steps, along with the single coat to the rest of the deck along with the railing. I have one gallon of the stain left and will use it next week.

When I was younger I wondered what the big deal was with preserving wood. Dad would maybe use some varnish on something but would otherwise leave it alone. But as I have grown more... let's go with mature... I have found that preserving wood with a good semi-transparent stain makes wood pop and just looks so very much better. I think Dad would approve.

Saturday beckons. I am not sure what we will do just yet. The Archives are back to being open on Saturday again. There is a thing in Tatamagouche. The Valley is always there. So much to do, and only so many leisure hours in the day. 

You all have a good evening. Talk at you on Saturday.


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Greg Beaulieu said...

I too was told to let a new deck season before applying anything. The problem I had was that it went very quickly at some point from new-looking wood to aged greyed wood. Then before applying anything they said it had to be cleaned, which was a lot of work, and changed the look again. Now that oil-based exterior deck stains have been banned (the only kind that ever worked and lasted) it will be a perpetual chore keeping it up.