Sunday, September 19, 2021

Post 4068 - Sunday Night Fun Times

And it is two days later, and pretty late.

The highlight of the day was that the carafe broke on the coffee maker just as I was about to make a batch. We drove to the local Value Village and got another carafe for five dollars, but it did not "align" with the basket on the coffee maker, and coffee did not make it to the carafe. The coffee maker backed up and made a hell of a mess, which I cleaned up but wasn't happy about. 

A look on Marketplace showed that a woman was selling another Sunbeam coffeemaker for 12 dollars, so we picked it up and brought it home. Seems to work fine, but I placed the carafe under the old Sunbeam coffeemaker, and it works even better. It cost me nearly 20 dollars, but I have a carafe in the coffeemaker again. Cause for celebration, that.

I did not have any time this weekend to apply a second coat of stain to the back deck. Hoping to get to that soon. As a commenter noted, there was a time when you could buy a type of stain for a deck that did not require for the wood to be "seasoned" first. Now, you have to wait a year or more and watch the wood get all gray and, well, seasoned before deciding what colour semi transparent stain to apply to the thing. 

I mean, you could just let the wood go au natural and not apply anything to it. It is pressure treated so it would last a while. But it cost me a pile of money last year and I want to preserve the deck for as long as possible. 

I must be getting old. Worrying about wood and wood preservative products. I have become my father.

On that note, I think I will turn in. My schedule is loosening up this week, but I have to be prepared for some things that might come up suddenly.

See you tomorrow.


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