Friday, September 24, 2021

Post 4073 - Friday NIght Good Times

Well, hello there.

Patricia had a thing today and left the house early to attend to it. It was a day-long course about some facet of rug hooking. She almost didn't get into the course, only finding out about it late Thursday night. Turns out there was a last minute cancellation and they had room for her. 

I hung back and did the dishes and cooked dinner and watched some stuff on the pvr. It was a pretty quiet day over all. I like those kinds of days.

The back deck is still a bit sticky from where I applied the second coat of stain on Thursday, so I did not feel comfortable moving the barbecue and other things back so I could tackle the rest of the deck. And it is supposed to rain on Saturday so I may not get a chance to do the rest of the deck for several days. 

I am not sure what we have on tap for Saturday just yet. If it is not raining too hard we may do another day trip. Otherwise, we may just stay put. 

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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