Saturday, September 25, 2021

Post 4074 - Saturday Night Stuff

Hello again, my lovelies.

How was your day?

I slept in, yet again. It is getting to be a habit. Not necessarily a bad habit. Just a habit. 

After a late breakfast, we parked in front of the tv and watched some stuff on the pvr. Mid-afternoon, I went outside and noted that the back deck was still a titch sticky from the work I did on Thursday, so I do not yet feel comfortable re-covering that area with the barbecue and other things. And while it did not rain on Saturday it is supposed to do so on Sunday, so like I said last night, it will likely be several days before I can finish that second coat of stain on the back deck. 

A friend wrote me on Facebook today asking me if I had any of the true crime books by Dean Jobb. I had the two books he sent me pictures of, plus the third one he produced years ago. As I told you last month or whatever it was, I also have the book he produced last year which reprinted articles from those three books. I do not yet have the second book which undoubtedly reprints more tales from those three books. To be an anal completist, I will likely get that book, too.

I have ordered, and they keep delaying the publication of, the book about long-ago Halifax police chief Nicholas Power. He was a detective with the Halifax police for decades and was appointed chief in early 1906 with the understanding that it was to be just a temporary arrangement. He would be a "caretaker" Chief of Police while they looked around for a permanent Chief. Which is something that happens all the time. There are people in "acting" positions constantly. Folks who do a job while the permanent position is being filled. The person acting in the role may elect to apply for the permanent one, or not. But since Nicholas Power was in his sixties at the time of his appointment, nobody thought it would be something that would last very long. And it did not. Barely 18 months into the job, he was gone and replaced by the man who would do it for years.

Power's career is problematic as they say these days. He made plenty of mistakes, and I have pointed out a few in my cold case series articles in which he played a part. I think that Benjamin Trefry would have been found, dead of course, if Power had asked the right people the right questions. The Stetka family in 1906 would have been correctly characterized as murdered if a competent police detective had been appointed to the case, rather than Nick. I could go on. I look forward to Bob Gordon's book finally being published. Hey, maybe my editor at Frank will agree to let me write a review of the book in Frank. If not, I will write one here.

I do not know how much research Bob Gordon did for this book. Probably a whole lot. I do not know whether he found, as I did, a thesis someone write years ago about Nicholas Power's time at the Halifax police. We will have to wait and see.

I think I will call it a night. It is past 1:30 on Sunday morning. Need a bit of shut eye.

See you tomorrow.


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