Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Post 4077 - Wednesday Night Stuff

Say, this is known as post 4077, which is the number for the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on M*A*S*H*. That has to mean something, right?

Of course, this is post 4077 in title only. Several times over the years I lost track of the number of the post, and put the wrong number in the next post. A couple of weeks later, I would realize my mistake and try to course correct, to amusing results. 

I have considered dropping the number of the post in the post title, but I am so used to specifying the number of the post that it would somehow feel naked without it.  And after almost 14 years of writing this thing, it would somehow feel inappropriate to drop the number of the post in a post's title. You understand my dilemma, then.

So, how was your day? Mine was pretty quiet. We watched some stuff on the pvr. We ate dinner. We watched some live tv. 

And we learned the news of the death of local journo/activist Robert Devet. Patricia knew Robert from the years they worked together in the same government department. She thought the world of him. I had met him a few times over the years. We knew of each other as I worked in his field of endeavour as well. He was always cordial with me.

After his wife died suddenly, he kept working as a civil servant for a few years before he chose to retire and spend the rest of his days writing about the poor and downtrodden, giving a voice to those who do not have much of one in traditional media. His tone could be a bit too strident for my tastes, and I have never cared for the position that any one political party could corner the market in moral superiority, but he did the thing that he wanted to do, and did it well, and did it until a couple of days before his sudden death.

People on Twitter and Facebook are still absorbing this sad news. I am not alone in wondering what will happen to the Nova Scotia Advocate, whether Robert had any kind of succession plan, or whether it will die along with him, which would be nearly as tragic as his death. 

I know nothing about funeral plans. I will share them with you here when I find out.

Talk at you tomorrow.




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