Thursday, September 30, 2021

Post 4078 - Thursday Night Frolics

Boy, is it ever late. Past two in the morning on October 1st.

We spent too many hours on Thursday watching the Netflix series "Midnight Mass". I do not want to give away too much of it. It is a horror series about a new priest who exerts his influence on a small town. Beyond that, you will just have to take my word for it and go along for the ride. It is just terrific.

I watch far more tv series than I do films these days. I am sure that filmmakers are all upset over this and wonder why; but there are plenty of good reasons. They mostly have to do with how even a limited series of, say, 6-10 episodes can focus on character and story in a way that no two hour film can. They may not have the budget of a film, but they can do far more in ways that are much more entertaining than most films are. "Midnight Mass" would never work as a two hour film. As a seven and a half hour limited series, it works terrifically well. 

I was just now thinking about how film critic Leonard Maltin fell all over himself praising a silent film from long ago. I think he was referring to 1919's "Wagon Tracks", and unless it shows up on a streaming service, unlikely, I may have to break down and get the blu-ray sometime. I hate acquiring things these days as I have a massive job ahead of me to downsize my stuff, and getting yet more things doesn't improve the situation. So, go ahead and talk me out of it. 

It is nearly 2:30. I am yawning like crazy, so I think I will turn in. Besides, Newbie is on my lap and is giving me that come hither look. So I guess I should... go thither.

See you tomorrow.


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